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Archived News

March 2001

3.31.01 New Site of the Month!

3.30.01 Last chance for this month!

3.30.01 Latest Episode II Select!

3.29.01 Making Episode II at the Official Site!

3.28.01 Star Wars Super Bombad Racing comes to Playstation 2!

3.27.01 Get your Applications in for Site of the Month!

3.27.01 Affiliate News!

3.27.01 New Fan Art Here!

3.26.01 What are the basic differences between 2-D and 3-D animation?

3.25.01 LucasArts getting sued?

3.24.01 New Guy Lagacé "Probeshots" Picture!

3.23.01 More on Episode II vehicles and vessels!

3.23.01 Homing Beacon #31 sheds light on Episode II vehicles and vessels!

3.23.01 Obi-Wan in Episode II Select!

3.22.01 An Interview with Episode II Artist Jay Shuster!

3.21.01 Star Wars Characters Everywhere!

3.20.01 Star Wars Presentations at Conventions!

3.20.01 Additional filming for Episode II and a familiar face returns!

3.19.01 Small details about the Senate!

3.18.01 What exactly is the "Skywalker Emblem" on Anakin's Podracer, and how did it come to exist?

3.17.01 OOM-9 Added to the Characters Section!

3.16.01 New Fan Art!

3.15.01 Strange Episode II Select!

3.15.01 Star Wars Gamer #3!

3.15.01 Star Wars on TV around the world!

3.14.01 Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World!

3.13.01 Sad news for toy collectors!

3.12.01 Does one have to be artistically-inclined to succeed in your field of expertise (do you have to be an artist)?

3.11.01 The Newest Outer-Rim Planet!

3.10.01 New Poll Added-Suggestions Needed!

3.10.01 Battle for Naboo In Stores March 13th!

3.9.01 Homing Beacon #30 and the Episode II Novelization!

3.8.01 Episode II Select is here!

3.8.01 The Magic of Myth in Houston!

3.7.01 Episode II Footage!

3.7.01 Palpatine on New Insider #53 Cover!

3.7.01 What can you tell us now that you’ve seen Hayden Christensen act?

3.6.01 Episode II Wave I Figure List!

3.5.01 Admiral Ozzel hits the net!

3.4.01 New Guy Lagacé "Climactic Battlescene" Picture!

3.3.01 The Jedis.Net goes down!

3.3.01 New Fan Art!

3.3.01 After the Earthquake!

3.2.01 Pure Evil!

3.1.01 New Episode II Select!

3.1.01 New Site of the Month!

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