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More on Episode II vehicles and vessels!

Today TF.N has posted information that ties in with the latest Homing Beacon about the vehicles and vessels in Episode II. Spoilers - Highlight to read: The Republic Assault/Attack Gunship has been recently called a "bold piece of military engineering." The Jedi and clonetroopers use this tough vehicle during the Geonosis battle. Heavily armored and ready to attack airborne targets or engage the enemy on the ground, you'll be impressed with this flying monster.

To some degree it looks like it may be modeled after the Russian Hind helicopter, with a touch of the Manga stylings of Appleseed. But not only are they a powerful adversary themselves, inside they hold a small assault strike team each.

Now you're saying - where do these bad boys show up in the movie? Towards the end, according to the latest information we can gather courtesy of Sith Interceptor: Just as Dooku is about to order the legions of battledroids and the modified superbattledroids to annihilate the Jedi in the gladiator arena climax, Padmé alerts them to the sky where six of these gun ships descend into the arena and disgorge clonetroopers who laser blast the droids, and basically all hell breaks loose ...

All this talk about ships and vehicles really gets my blood pumping! If anybody has pictures or concept art of any Episode II vehicles or ships (if you can get your hands on them) send it in here!

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