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Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought

MGLT Speed Explained

In the fictional Star Wars universe, interstellar vessels are rated for their sub-light speed in a common unit—the MGLT, a unit of acceleration in common use throughout the Old Republic, the Galactic Empire, and the New Republic.

MGLT is also known as "Megalight." The acronym MGLT has never been given any official meaning, however the accepted fan speculation that the acronym MGLT actually stands for Micro-Gravity Linear (Acceleration) Tolerance, a measure the rate at which the ion thrusters of a particular ship are capable of increasing the absolute speed of a vessel in a micro-gravity (space) environment.

The term MGLT was invented originally in the X-Wing computer game series as a term to explain the top speed of spacecraft in the games. Abstract measurements of speed that judged relative speed had previously been used in the Star Wars role-playing game (WEG), and the relative speeds shown in the X-Wing series were generally consistent with the speeds shown in prior materials. Within the games, 1 MGLT is approximately equal to 1 meter per second.

Some fans, like Curtis Saxton and his Star Wars Technical Commentaries have attempted to derive scientific meaning from the term MGLT, and apply real-world physics to Star Wars spacecraft. They believe through their computations that it is equivalent to an acceleration of approximately 400 SI meter units per second squared (assuming that spacecraft in Star Wars fly the same as real-world spacecraft, despite the World War II style dogfighting shown in the movies). Some have even claimed that the proper acronym must be actually "MGLAT," since velocity can be maintained in a frictionless environment without thrust (in real-world spacecraft).

MGLT comparison taken from Star Wars: Behind The Magic.

(Click on the image for full viewing)

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