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The Newest Outer-Rim Planet!

Today Episode X has posted some news about the newest Outer-Rim Planet featured in Episode II. Spoilers - Highlight to read: The planet Kamino is a mystery for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it has been wiped from the Jedi archives, and secondly because it is located outside the outer rim territories. The planet of Kamino is amidst a perpetual storm and its ultra-modern cities rest upon massive stilts to avoid the huge waves below. So hi-tech is Tipoca, the capital city, that all the furnishings and interiors seem to be made of pure light!!! We all know that the Kaminoans are excellent cloners, and so do the Sith. *I* believe under the guise of Jedi Master Sido-Dyas, 10 years earlier, Sidious/Palpatine commissions the manufacture of clones for the Republics aid. This will *eventually* help him in his quest to become Emperor and dissolve the Republic forever. The Kaminoans, who believe they are acting under the best of intentions, begin the manufacture of thousands of clones using accelerated growth techniques. Obviously they need somewhere to keep these clones which are in different stages of growth. Kamino is equipped with massive clone barracks, mess halls, and training areas.

What a great report! This gives us a little more fuel for the fire and a little"water" to cool our jets!

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