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Pure Evil!

Today the BBC has posted a great article about Christopher Lee and his new role in Episode II as Count Dooku! Special thanks to for this great heads up!

Lee plays Count Dooku, following in the footsteps of his old Hammer sparring partner, the late Peter Cushing - who appeared in 1977's Star Wars: A New Hope. Director George Lucas says, in the foreword to the actor's newly-published screen history: "I knew that I needed someone who can convey evil. But in addition I needed someone to bring stature, strength and wisdom to the role." 

Lee is reticent about the Star Wars project. But he recalls: "When we were filming in the studios in Sydney there were people perched up on the top of the cricket ground with long-distance lenses."

On both Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, he has been working at the cutting edge of digital technology. But he is wary of the pitfalls of acting surrounded only by blue screens - where computer-generated scenery will be added later. "It's magic. You have to use your imagination a great deal more," he says. "But the danger is that you will be overpowered by the special effects and make-up."

Well if you didn't know by now, George has his bad guy in Count Dooku! He will be a truly great character in the Star Wars saga!

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