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After the Earthquake!

Today John Guth from the Seattle Star Wars Society sent me an e-mail about the status of Wizards of the Coast after the earthquake in Seattle.

"According to our inside sources and friends who work at Wizards of the Coast
in the "Star Wars Insider" division, these rumors about the "Star Wars Insider" being "shut down indefinitely" or seriously delayed due to the earthquake here in Seattle are false.

The Wizards of the Coast building did suffer some damage, but no one was
hurt and as of today all business is in full swing. The offices were shut down yesterday so that the building inspectors could analyze the building, but they saw no reason to close down their building.

They are currently putting the final touches on Issue #53 and have started to work on issue #54. Issue #52 should hit most newsstands today."

Thanks for the info John! I would hate to see the Star Wars Insider go down for a long time!

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