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What can you tell us now that you’ve seen Hayden Christensen act?

This report comes from the Official Site!

Answered by: Robin Gurland

He amazes me every time. He has some tricky, tricky scenes...very complicated scenes. The arc that he’s creating not only has to go through this film but the next one, and there’s a lot of texture to it. And again, the way that this is composed, George writes in these vignettes and you have to really be able to play within a certain scene, but then carry it forth. For an actor who is carrying it forth in one or two films it’s very difficult. It’s a very emotional balance that Hayden’s playing. And he can’t really give away too much on this one, because the next one is really when it’s going to come into play. He is one of the strongest actors I’ve come across in a long, long time. And it’s not just my opinion. People are constantly coming up to me on set and saying "Do you know how good he is?" Yes, I do. And these are other actors. It’s the ultimate compliment when another actor says, "This kid is something!"

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