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Site of the Month

Here are the previous winners of the Galactic Voyage "Site of the Month!" If you would like for your site to be listed here, apply to be "Site of the Month!"

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2001 Winners/2002 Winners

December 2003

Rebel Squadrons is an online club centered around the Star Wars Universe. They have members whose ages range from 8 to 40 years old, and higher and the membership comes from all over the globe. Rebel Squadrons plays Star Wars games both online and offline. They support just about any gaming platform you might want in their fleets. Here is a list of just a few games you may want to join in with... TIE Fighter, Galactic Battlegrounds/Clone Campaigns, Rebellion, Force Commander, X-Wing, Star Wars: Galaxies, Dark Forces, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, and still others! If you have the game, they probably have a fleet for you!

November 2003 is dedicated to bringing you the latest files released for Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast! Here you find all kinds of files, skins, models, maps, and mods. But that is not all. They also have great information for the new Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy! There are plenty of downloads that include video, pictures, cheats, frequently asked questions, a forum, and more! They also have a gaming server so you can join your friends and others on a quest to crush the Empire. If it's released for JK2, chances are it's probably on this site!

October 2003

Do you love Harrison Ford movies? Would you like to keep up with the latest information about Harrison and his works? Then Harrison Ford Media is the place for you! Very simply, they are the most comprehensive Harrison "Han Solo" Ford fan site on the net. Harrison Ford Media is updated regularly with all sorts of different facts, pictures, audio, video, and fan related material with a forum that is available in 5 different languages! There is so much to see and do that you could spend your day looking around. So if you need a Harrison fix, I recommend checking out this site!

September 2003

Very simply, the Emperor's Hammer is the largest online Star Wars gaming group in existence. They have over seven thousand members in the Emperor's Hammer community alone and with a further 2000+ in allied clubs, the Emperor's Hammer represents almost eight years of hard work (and fun) from Star Wars fans all over the world! The Emperor's Hammer is primarily based on the TIE Fighter, Dark Forces, X-Wing, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Jedi Knight, Rebellion, and X-Wing Alliance game platforms and takes place in the Star Wars Universe following the Battle of Endor. There is so much to look at and do at Emperor's Hammer that I can not even begin to do the site justice. You must visit the Emperor's Hammer today my young apprentice!

August 2003

Docking Bay 101 is a Star Wars sound archive that is dedicated to bringing you the very best sounds from the Star Wars movies. The sounds are categorized by character for easy searching. Docking Bay 101 currently contains 467 sounds and 16 tracks of music from all of the movies. There are a couple of other features available as well, including a forum, pictures from all the episodes, links, and a guestbook with new categories to come in the near future. If you like Star Wars sounds, then you will really enjoy Docking Bay 101.

July 2003

Just Breath is a great fan site with plenty of Padmé for you to enjoy! The main focus is on Padmé, but that is definitely not all. The design is really attractive and easy to use. They have plenty of information about Padmé Amidala like a biography, her name, Naboo, and her relationship with Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi. There is also a really nicely put together family tree for Padmé. Don't worry, that's not all! The have Episode I and II pictures, Fan Art, Wallpapers, Fan Fiction, icons and more! While you are there, learn about Natalie Portman and chat in their forum. So if you need an Padmé fix, be sure to visit this site!

June 2003

The Next Amidala is a great site with many features for every fan to enjoy. Are you still interested in getting information about Attack of the Clones? Well they have a very robust Attack of the Clones section for you to peruse and enjoy! There are many picture galleries that include production images, movie stills, teaser images, cut scenes, concept designs, spy reports and theories, and much more! They also have the latest news, fan art galleries, wallpaper, forums, visual selects, and still more! But perhaps best of all, The Next Amidala has an exclusive fan film! That's right folks, the film is called "A Narrow Path" and is currently in production. From what I have seen, it will be a truly great fan film and I am really excited for it to be released. Don't just take my word for it. You must head over to The Next Amidala and check out this site!

May 2003

Are you a gamer? Do you like Galactic Battlegrounds? Galactic is an outstanding resource for your Galactic Battlegrounds needs! They have Game information, Strategy Guides, Cheats, and Multimedia. Get Scenarios, Campaigns, Maps, and Patches! Meet with other gamers in their forums, or just receive a newsletter with upcoming events and news. If you have wanted to learn more about this game, choose any of the 8 factions that you can play and find out about their troops, weapons, air units and more! Go pay Galactic a visit today!

April 2003

Do you collect Star Wars figures? Then is a great place for you to visit! has the latest news on the hottest collectibles that are coming out. There are also reviews of books and figures, a customs section, images of collectibles, images of your collections, trading, and much more! Go to their forums, or sign up for the latest giveaway! Any way you look at it, is where you need to be!

March 2003

Do you enjoy RPG? Then Star Wars New Empires is where you need to be! SWNE is a fantastic role-playing community that has the groups you want to be part of! You can choose to be part of the Galactic Empire, Rebellion, a neutral common citizen, or part of the Kuat Drive Yards. You can also belong to the Hapes Consortium, Trade Federation, Black Sun, or the Bounty Hunters Guild. You can even be part of the Corporate Sector Authority, or the Hutt Cartel. With so many different things to do like buying your own ship or even your favorite droid, why would you do anything else?

February 2003

Are you looking forward to the most anticipated Star Wars game called Star Wars Galaxies? Then this is the place for you! SWGHints has all of the latest information about the game to keep you up to date. They also have wallpapers from the game to dress up you PC. There is a forum that will let you talk to other gamers and there will be hints and tricks galore! If you are really into this game, you might want to join as a member of SWGHints and get special features not available to all visitors. As the release date for the game draws near, I would recommend a visit to SWGHints today!

January 2003
anakinangelbanner.jpg (8042 bytes)
Do you love Anakin or Padmé? Would you like to keep up with the latest information about them? Then Anakin And His Angel is the site for you! They have just implemented a new design that is great and easy to use. They have images from the movies, posters, and lots of pictures Hayden and Natalie. They also have songs, poetry, wallpaper, forums, a tag board, and answers to your Star Wars questions with Solo's Solutions. So if you need a Anakin or Padmé fix, then check out this site!