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Galactic Fanatic.jpg (20184 bytes)

Galactic Voyage is proud to present the Galactic Fanatic! We will be picking a new fan like you to feature! We would like to let the world know some of the reasons behind your love of Star Wars, how you got started, and your most treasured items.

Fill out the form here!

Current Galactic Voyage Featured Fanatic!

Name: IG-88A Assassin Droid

Are you a regular at Galactic Voyage and if not, how did you hear about the Galactic Fanatic?

I'm also an affiliate of GV!... I've heard about it when some smuggler at the cantina mentioned "Oh My Lord, what a site they have!" Then someone told me that "Jedi Power bounty was on 250,000 credits -Dead or Alive-"...

How did you get involved with Star Wars?

That record don't appear on my memory now, but as far as I remember some technicians at Holowan Laboratories designed and manufactured me...

Which Star Wars movie is your favorite and why?

Empire Strikes Back. Because of the Bounty Hunters scene among other things... That scene is worth a lot for me, I can see it over and over again! ...BOUNTY HUNTERS! WE DON'T NEED THAT SCUM!

Which group are you the biggest fan of (Sith, Jedi, Bounty Hunters, etc.) and why?

Bounty Hunters!. "Bounty hunters have long been a popular staple of the Star Wars saga. From the ominous like Boba Fett, to the inept like Greedo, to the mysterious like Aurra Sing, these hunters bring with them an air of danger that makes them fan favorites!!!" Quoting from ...they read my mind!

What are your most treasured Star Wars items?

Anything related to Bounty Hunters... but the most treasured.... mmmmm anything related to IG-88....books, comics, clothes, toys, all kind of merchandise... I love that character!

What is your greatest Star Wars moment? (Ex. First in line to see Star Wars, Had lunch with Carrie Fisher, etc.)

Wet dreams with Aurra Sing!

What other hobbies or Star Wars facts would you like to tell us about?

Well besides of taking bounty's for a living on my spare time I'm the webmaster for BOUNTY HUNTERS, INC.

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