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Friday April 09, 2010
The Battlefront Saga... Here We Go Again!

When Battlefront III seemed to die a slow death with us all getting a sneak peak into a video of the game that was not to be released, a sparkle of hope came about for the Battlefront Saga. We learned in an article posted here February 1st this year that Lucasarts and Slant Six Games were working on Battlefront Online. It is, as the name suggests, planned to be online-only, and was tentatively slated to appear in 2011.

As it turns out according to Kotaku, 2011 is going to be a very busy release season for Lucasarts, so they wanted to push Battlefront Online up to be released this year. It became clear last month that the reality is this could not happen in the shorter time span. So what is the solution? Lucasarts decides to put the project "on ice".

So much so that the Slant Six crew that was working on the game has been laid off as a result! Slant Six managing director Brian Thalken told GameSpot "Our current project needs do not align with our current staffing levels", and confirmed that an undisclosed number of developers had been "temporarily" laid off, in the hopes that they can be re-hired once the studio's workload is able to support them.

So is this a permanent icing for Battlefront Online, or will they just move the game back to 2012? Only time will tell, but if the history of the franchise is any indication, don't expect Battlefront Online to ever see the light of day.

Posted by: Jedi Power