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Jedi Power
Location: Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Site Creator, Webmaster, Design, News, Graphics, Galactic News Video Feature, Galactic Escape Pod Podcast Host and Producer, and all other sections.

I started my love for Star Wars back in 1977. I was hooked from the first moment the movie started as the Star Destroyer flew overhead and I have been an avid fan ever since. I have a huge collection of Star Wars items that range from figures, to plates, to even cereal that I have gathered over the years. I have always wanted to share information about news, characters, and ships from the world of Star Wars which prompted the opening of Galactic Voyage back in 1999.

Steven Sullivan
Location: Sydney-New South Wales, Australia
Star Wars Reviews

I saw Star Wars A New Hope on the big screen when it 1st came out in 1977 and I have never been the same since.

I am a console fan, I don't play PC games. I have played virtually every Star Wars game in arcades and on consoles. I especially loved Super Star Wars, Empire & Jedi on Super Nintendo back in the day. These days I am playing titles like Lego Star Wars and The Force Unleashed on Sony Playstation 3. One of my favorite Star Wars games is Revenge of the Sith on my PS2 and XBOX.

I have collected Kenner/Hasbro Star Wars figures and vehicles etc since the beginning. If you saw my entire collection you would perhaps suggest therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder, but hey I donít give a damn. Itís a love of mine and I never do things by halves. If itís worth doing its worth doing properly. May the Force be with you.