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Site of the Month

Here are the previous winners of the Galactic Voyage "Site of the Month!" If you would like for your site to be listed here, apply to be "Site of the Month!"

December 2001

The Sith Base.gif (14390 bytes)
The power of the Dark Side in English or Español. The Sith Base has several different sections to choose from. You can learn about the cast from all the Star Wars movies, get the scripts, visit the gallery, use the forum, learn the history of the Sith, and download the Episode II trailers, and more! I would suggest a visit to The Sith Base today!

November 2001

Binary Sunset.gif (24586 bytes)
Guy Lagacé's George's Visions and Probeshots. Need I say more? Binary Sunset is the official site of Guy Lagacé, the great artist who has wowed many fans with his stunning work. Want to know how he creates these spectacular shots? He will take you step by step through various creations in his "Behind the fan scenes" section. He also has a section called "The art of Guy Lagacé" which includes links to his art galleries. If you have not seen Guy's work, stop what you are doing right now and go to his site! (This site is now closed)

October 2001

Are you interested in learning more about Episode II and Episode III? Then is the place to be! The design is really nice and easy to use. They have news and rumors for Episode II and Episode III. Also, there is a Scene by Scene section for AOTC, Fan Art, Forums, Book News, Events & Conventions, and Merchandise. So take some time and check out this great site!

September 2001

Sith Lore.gif (9386 bytes)
You just don't know the power of the Dark Side! Well if you don't, then go to Sith Lore. They have lots of different sections to choose from. One I would suggest would be the Sith Holocron of Knowledge where you can learn more about the dark and sinister Sith Lords. They also have an Online Role-playing Arena, message boards, Star Wars art, wallpapers, trivia, awards, a Sith test, links, and more! So go and take a walk on the Dark Side today! (This site is now closed)

August 2001

SW Grudge Match Logo.jpg (5894 bytes)
Looking for a good grudge match? Then the Star Wars Grudge Match is the place to go. This site is unlike any other you have seen in the past! It is humor at it's best and there are some really cool match-ups. It is also suggested that the John McClane vs. The Death Star match is probably the funniest thing they have ever done. I would suggest you take a look!

July 2001

Order of the Grey Banner.jpg (10561 bytes)
Feeling a little Grey? Then go to the Order of the Grey! This is a very unique site that has several different features for you to enjoy! They have a great sense of humor, original prequel interactive fiction, and mind-bending twists on Star Wars in general. Plus you get links, a message board, chat and more! Take a walk on the Grey side today!

June 2001

tkebannersand.jpg (9256 bytes)
Purple is in! Need a wallpaper? Then go to TKE! Other than wallpapers they also have fonts, winamp skins, wav files, artwork, a guestbook, links, and a Tron game. You could also win an award, be site of the month and a lot more! And besides, where else can you get the very cool Non-Sense Episode II select! Visit them today! (This site is now closed)

May 2001

Do you need some information about Episode II? This site has you covered! The main focus is on Episode II, hence the name. The design is great and easy to use. They have information on the Episode II characters, cast, crew, locations, and the domain names that have been registered by Lucasfilm. They also have fan theories, fan art, wallpaper, forums, trivia, puzzles, and links. So if you need an Episode II fix, check out this site!

April 2001

SSSWW Banner.jpg (9290 bytes)
Looking to get lost in the world of Star Wars? Well this site will definitely allow you to lose yourself! It is very deep with tons of things to offer the most avid fans! They have a wide collection of Star Wars information with news in almost every aspect of Star Wars. They feature trivia, books, games, collectibles, prequels, multimedia, fan fiction, art, music, fan rumors, fan essays, and much much more! You name it, they have got and it is worth a look! (This site is now closed)

March 2001

Alderaan Online Banner.jpg (5528 bytes)
The layout and graphics of are excellent! They boast over 2,500 quality images for your enjoyment, fan art, lost scenes, wallpaper, characters, locations, forums, a new add-a-link section and the list goes on! This is a great site and is updated often. They have also received the TF.N Cool Site seal of approval! You can't beat that! So, if you haven't been in a while or not at all, I would suggest you take a look! (This site is now closed)

February 2001

Jedis Council Banner.jpg (8360 bytes)
The layout and graphics of the Jedis Council are really good! They have images, fan art, fan fiction, trivia, winamp skins, desktop themes, email, an award to win, and the list goes on! This is a truly great site and is updated frequently. So, I would suggest you take a look!  (After you are done here of course!) (This site is now closed)

January 2001 Banner.jpg (19880 bytes)
This site has come a long way since it was called Droid Centre. The layout and graphics are really cool! They have images, fan art, trivia, humor, multimedia, and a gaming section! There are several new sections coming soon, so they will have a little something for everyone. (This site is now closed)