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Site of the Month

Here are the previous winners of the Galactic Voyage "Site of the Month!" If you would like for your site to be listed here, apply to be "Site of the Month!"

December 2002

LIA: The Star Wars Universe is a site that has come a very long way in a short period of time. The look and feel of this site is outstanding! You can find images from the movies, posters, behind the scenes pictures, and wallpaper. They have fan art, animated gifs, e-cards, news, and much more! I would recommend a visit to LIA: The Star Wars Universe today!

November 2002

Imperial Revenge is the only one 100% Pro-Imperial French site. They have many different website skins available under the option of "INTERFACES" in the upper right hand corner. Very cool! The only site I have seen do this! This site is very comprehensive with fonts, video, sounds, wallpaper, galactic maps, and forums. Also, they have information on Imperial personnel, technology, ranks, medals, definitions, the Empire's most wanted, and much, much more! Be sure to visit this great French Star Wars site!

October 2002

Jedi Apprentice Fan Dimension is a Star Wars fan fiction archive for stories taking place between the Jedi Apprentice Series and Phantom Menace. It currently contains 230 stories written by 74 authors, and there are other features available as well, including games, a forum, and many things to come. If you like fan fiction, then you will really enjoy Jedi Apprentice Fan Dimension!

September 2002

The Star Wars Union is one of the most extensive German Star Wars websites on the Internet! They keep you up-to-date with all of the latest news and information in the Star Wars Universe. They also offer the biggest German Star Wars encyclopedia on the web, information about the movies, the cast, and the making of. There is also a huge fan section, loads of downloads and multimedia and a lot more worth visiting! If you speak English, be sure to bring your translator and enjoy the ride!

August 2002

Bounty hunters! We don't need those scum! But without them, we would not enjoy characters like Boba and Jango Fett! This site has quickly become on of my favorites on the Internet. Bounty Hunters, Inc. revolves completely around the most vile and hated characters in the Star Wars universe. The design of this website is absolutely fantastic! Learn about all of the official bounty hunters and even a few unofficial hunters that have been created by fans like you! They have Wallpaper, Hotbars, bounty hunter specific games, Fan Fiction, and much more! Your website could also become the Bounty Hunters, Inc. "TOP PICK!" So I don't know what you're waiting for, but I highly recommend a visit to this place of scum and villainy!

July 2002

Looking to learn more about the Jedi? Then go to the Jedi Alliance! The layout and graphics are really nice! You can learn about the Jedi Order, their weapons, who they are and why they wear what they do. You will also find that they have images for you to view, a fan art and wallpaper section, a forum, fan fiction, and information and facts on all the movies! There is an extensive list of Jedi to read about, so go today! (This site is now closed)

June 2002

Looking for cool Star Wars stuff for your computer? Then Jedi Apprentice: Desktop Central is the place for you! You will find lots of goodies for your desktop such as Wallpapers, Startup/Shutdown Screens, and Icons & Cursors. Also get Winamp, Hotbar, and ICQ skins! There is plenty of Fan Fiction for you to read and enjoy as well. Need a calendar for your computer or a bookmark for a book? Look no further! Jedi Apprentice: Desktop Central also has some games for you to play and books for you to buy. So, next time you need that special item for your computer, I would suggest you visit Jedi Apprentice: Desktop Central.

May 2002

Rebel's Haven is a great site. There are plenty of things waiting for you when you get there. There is an audio section with 235 different sounds and an Image section with 385 different images for you to enjoy. Build a lightsaber or make a Jedi robe in the projects section. They also have fan fiction, an information section, humor, wallpapers, and a great new 25th anniversary layout that is being rolled out. Yet there is still more! If you are a Rebel, then this is the place for you!

April 2002

The Furry Conflict is definitely a unique site! They are able to pull off a very hard subject for fans by combining elements of Star Wars and Star Trek. The Furry Conflict is a very deep and diverse site with information that will take you hours to look through. There are writings that include their own cast, fan fiction, a cinema area, a gaming area, technical information for you to enjoy, art, and a great community forum for those fans that want to talk. I highly encourage a visit to The Furry Conflict.

March 2002 is a fantastic German site! This mega site updates daily with all the latest news and information for German fans (and Americans with a translator) to stay up-to-date on the world of Star Wars. Learn about the movies, video games, comics, books, collectibles, events, and so much more! You can also chat, use the forum, get WinAmp Skins, get addresses for autographs, see character information, movie history, merchandise, the trailers, and the list just continues! If you can read German or can use a translator, be sure to visit this great international site!

February 2002
SWCCM Banner.jpg (18675 bytes)
SWCCM is a great site not only for the Chicago area, but the whole world! They keep you up to date on the latest figures, great collections, and even dioramas. They have a forum to stay in contact with others, a multimedia section, an eGroup, and they have just recently joined forces with Chicago Force to keep you in the know! But how could you visit be complete without seeing Zutton's Love Lounge or getting the latest issue of the Mos Eisley Enquirer? I highly recommend a visit today to SWCCM! (This site is now closed)

January 2002

This is a really cool site that is focused solely on Han Solo. The layout is very nicely done and user friendly. You can learn about Han, and also about his friends and enemies! They have a gallery of images, fan art, and some scenes of Han that were cut. Also, you can check out their forum, guestbook, links and more! If you like Han Solo, then this is the place for you!