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Archived News

January 2001

1.31.01 CreationCon 2001

1.31.01 Episode II Full Scroll!!

1.31.01 How many new planets are due to appear in Episode II?

1.30.01 Jar Jar Binks Added to the Characters Section!

1.29.01 Get your Applications in for Site of the Month!

1.29.01 There are some great natural "other world" looking landscapes here in Mexico. Will you ever come to film here?

1.28.01 Queen Amidala Added to the Characters Section!

1.28.01 More Affiliate News!

1.27.01 Affiliate News!

1.26.01 New Guy Lagacé "GEORGE'S VISIONS" Picture!

1.26.01 New Wallpaper!

1.25.01 Select Shot Posted!

1.25.01 Episode II Spoilers Continue!


1.23.01 Episode II Opening Scroll!

1.23.01 Episode II appears to be more character driven. Does that mean less work for you?

1.22.01 Young Anakin Skywalker Added to the Characters Section!

1.22.01 Our Affiliate Imperial Academy becomes!

1.21.01 Episode II Tidbits!

1.20.01 Darth Maul Added to the Characters Section!

1.19.01 George in Episode II Select!

1.18.01 Lightsaber Duel!

1.17.01 In Episode IV after the Battle of Yavin there are four ships: Luke and Wedge in their X-wings, Han in the Falcon, and a Y-wing fighter. Who was in the remaining Y-wing ship?

1.17.01 An Interview with Chewie!

1.16.01 Galactic Drugs?

1.15.01 Who is your favorite artist?

1.14.00 New Poll Added!

1.13.01 Anakin at the Lars Homestead!

1.12.01 Homing Beacon #26 Away!

1.12.01 New Episode II Select Posted!

1.11.01 Cool New Fan Art!

1.11.01 Obi-Wan Gives Chase!

1.10.01 Obi-Wan's Mission!

1.9.01 Anakin and Padme in Love!

1.8.01 Anakin and Obi-Wan's Lines!

1.7.01 David Guivant Collection at Galactic Voyage!

1.7.01 Obi-Wan Wallpaper and Episode II Poster!

1.6.01 WANTED: Graphic Designer!

1.6.01 Terry Brooks at Lightsabre!

1.5.01 Padme spoils Palpatine's fun!

1.5.01 The Kaminoans!

1.5.01 New Fan Art!

1.4.01 New Episode II Select!

1.4.01 The Sith Weapon!

1.3.01 New Episode II Pictures!

1.3.01 A New Affiliate!

1.2.01 It appears that you were impressed with Ewan McGregor's quick grasp of your Jedi fighting style. How did Hayden do?

1.1.01 New Site of the Month!

1.1.01 New Topps Price Guide at SirSteve's!

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