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Naboo Royal Starship

Craft: Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps/
Nubia Star Drives, Incorporated
J-Type 327 Nubian Royal Starship
Type: Yacht
Length: 76 Meters
Weapons: None
Crew: 8 and 8 Astromech Droids
Top Speed: 100 MGLT
Troop Capacity: None
Cargo Capacity: 50 Metric Tons
Passengers: Unknown

The Naboo like to make a good first impression. When residents of Coruscant look toward the sky to see the elegant, chromium-covered Naboo starship descending to land, they can't help but feel inspired. The Naboo Royal Starship, a vehicle reserved for use by the Naboo sovereign, is a shining example of the marriage between art and design.

Naboo engineers claim that the Royal Starship is really composed of two major components: (1) the spaceframe, and (2) everything else. The spaceframe, created by the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps, is a single long, supple hull. The frame is covered in chromium, once necessary to protect such starships from radiation but now included as a time-honored tradition.

The rest of the starship, from the engines to the life support systems, was provided by the Nubian Design Collective. Most impressive is the 327 Nubian hyperdrive, which, even when damaged, is powerful enough to take the starship from Naboo to Tatooine in a single jump. Unlike many other larger, complex hyperdrive units, the 327 is compact and accessible. The generator itself can be raised from a compartment in the floor to allow easy repairs, diagnostic checks, or even complete replacement.

The Royal Starship is strictly a diplomatic vessel and lacks weapons of any kind, though it is not without resources. The Headon-5 sublight engines, which have been modified by the Naboo for ecological protection, can exceed the speed of many small attack starfighters. Its strong shields can withstand a great deal of punishment, including an all-out assault by multiple turbolaser emplacements. Intricate sensors built into the starship report any damage instantly, allowing the crew to pinpoint trouble spots immediately. When the ship is damaged, up to eight loyal astromech droids rush to make repairs. The astromechs will even venture onto the starship's surface, braving the vacuum of space and enemy fire to protect the Naboo royalty.

Whenever the starship travels, it is always accompanied by a small wing of Naboo N-1 starfighters. This escort squadron, known as Bravo Flight, is handpicked by the Naboo sovereign's bodyguard from only the most dedicated and talented pilots in the Royal Security Forces. During Queen Amidala's time in office, her starship was piloted by Ric Olie and a crew of well-trained technicians, engineers, navigators, diplomatic aides, scientists, and bosuns. The vehicle was furnished to accommodate the Queen's entire entourage, including her handmaidens and bodyguards. Large, climate-controlled wardrobe containers provided Amidala with clothing for any and all occasions. After Amidala left office, her starship was retired and another vessel was handcrafted for the new monarch, Queen Jamillia.

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