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Sith Fighter

Craft: Sith Empire (Star Forge)
Type: Starfighter
Length: 12.3 Meters
Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons
Crew: 1
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: None
Cargo Capacity: None
Passengers: None

Four thousand years ago, the Sith fighter was a new model of starfighter introduced during Darth Malak and Darth Revan's terrifying campaigns against the Republic. The Sith capital ships were former Republic vessels taken by their traitorous captains, but the bulk of the invasion force was a seemingly inexhaustible number of these adaptable fighters. They had the ability to fold their wings so the fighters could be tightly packed into cargo bays, and a large fleet could be delivered by even a single mothership. Launched the instant their carrier left hyperspace, these fighters could be deployed in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Though most of the resources bolstering Sith forces were stolen from the Republic, Sith fighters appeared to be powered by a prototype twin ion drive system exclusive to this design. Analysis indicates a hybrid of technologies, though none that match the products of any known world. The dual engines and thrusters granted power and maneuverability almost to the point of instability, and as a result, much of the central chassis of the ship was devoted to managing the reactor core for optimal performance. 

Little concern appears to have been given to the to the comfort of the Sith fighter pilot, and only the most essential subsystems were included. Among these was an interesting mechanic that illustrated the versatility of the vehicle. When docked or cruising long distances, the wings were folded inward and weapon systems were left offline to conserve energy. In combat, the wings unfolded, and blaster cannons were powered at each outward edge. This broad attack area allowed a small number of ships to produce devastating crossfire, while each remained difficult to target because of the undersized front and rear profile.

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