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Legacy-class Star Destroyer

Image created by Howard Day and used with permission.

Craft: Kuat Drive Yards' Legacy-class Star Destroyer
Type: Battleship/Command Ship
Length: 1,400 Meters
16 Heavy Quad Turbolaser Turrets
10 Medium Dual Turbolasers Cannons
60 Point-Defense Laser Cannons
10 Heavy Proton Torpedo Tubes
2 Ion Cannons
6 Tractor Beam Projectors
Crew: 7,600 and 100 Gunners
Top Speed: 25 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 2,000
Cargo Capacity:
40 Starfighters 
5 Support Craft
10,000 Metric Tons
Passengers: 2,000

The Legacy-class Star Destroyer was the pure battleship of the Republic and not designed to fulfill the role of a carrier like the Venator. Being best described as a battleship/command ship, the Legacy Star Destroyer was larger, more heavily armored, and carried superior firepower to anything of it's time.

After Order 66, Jedi holdings were seized and modified to suit Imperial Needs. A new, more powerful and sophisticated class of destroyers were needed for the new Galactic Empire. Until the Imperial Fleet could be completed, older Republic ships were modified and used as the foundation of Imperial might. The Legacy Star Destroyer was the perfect intermediary and prototype model for these new Imperial Star Destroyers. It became the foundation of what many in the galaxy would come to know and fear. The Legacy Star Destroyer enabled the fleet to hunt down and kill many of the the Jedi as well as tighten the grip of the expanding Empire.

There are still a few Legacy Star Destroyers in service that have been assigned to the outer-most reaches of the Galactic Empire.

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