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Hammerhead Cruiser

Craft: Rendili StarDrive's Hammerhead-class Cruiser
Type: Cruiser
Length: 400 Meters
3 Dual Heavy Turbolasers
1 Turbolaser
2 Point-Defense Laser Cannon Batteries
12 Dual Light Laser Cannons
60 Point-Defense Laser Cannons
Crew: Unknown
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: Unknown
Cargo Capacity: 1 Squadron of Aurek Fighters (New Sith Wars)
Passengers: Unknown

The Hammerhead-class cruiser was a type of warship used by the Republic Navy during the Old Sith Wars, the Mandalorian Wars, and the New Sith Wars. 

This ship was a cruiser, similar in use to the later Interdictor-class Cruiser. Serving on the line in fleet engagements as a courier and as a command ship of large fleets, it was a workhorse of the Republic and a common sight near Republic-controlled worlds. This ship also had been observed undergoing independent operations, unlike the Republic blockade runner which was never observed outside a supporting fleet. Hammerheads were able to enter atmospheres and land on planetary surfaces. 

The spaceframe resembled the later Consular-class space cruiser and the CR90 corvette, though this may have been coincidental. They also bore a large resemblance to the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate of the Galactic Civil War era, due to the vertically elongated bridge. 

Though their exact armament was unknown, 3,956 years before the Battle of Yavin they appeared to possess at least seven turbolasers, with three batteries of two and a single turbolaser cannon mounted atop the hammerhead bridge structure all facing forward, as well as an unknown number of quad-lasers pointing aft. As demonstrated by the Endar Spire and the Harbinger some years later, they also appeared to have a number of lighter, point-defense laser cannons for use against small craft mounted at various points along the hull. 

Hammerheads were in service as of the Great Sith War, when they participated in the First Battle of Empress Teta. With a third of the Republic's fleet crushed at Malachor V, another third taken by Revan to form the basis of his Sith Empire's forces, and the final third presumably with the Republic, the ailing government turned to these smaller capital ships in use since the Great Sith War of thirty years earlier to halt the Sith advance. 

During the New Sith Wars, they remained in service. During that war, they each held a squadron of Aurek fighters and had undergone radical upgrades and design revisions since their debut thousands of years before. 

The Hammerhead was one of the longest serving classes of ship in any military, with versions of it serving for at least 3,000 years.

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