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Holowan Mechanicals
IG-Series Assassin Droid


1.96 Meters


Holowan Laboratories


Bounty Hunter

Weapon(s) of Choice:

Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol

A heartless assassin droid who became one of the galaxy’s most feared and proficient bounty hunters. IG-88 was designed with dozens of built-in weapons, including a grenade launcher, blaster rifle, missile launcher, and flamethrower. He was also programmed with sentience, which allowed him to murder his creators the moment he was activated. In the years since, he has slaughtered over 150 intelligent beings and earned the equivalent of a death sentence in 40 systems. IG-88 was also among the bounty hunters charged with finding Han Solo.

Created within the bowels of the high security Holowan Laboratories, IG-88 became a terrible scourge the moment his programmers instilled the droid with sentience and independence. After activating himself and here other IG-88 replicas, the assassin droid proved his efficiency by slaughtering his creators. He then embarked on a career of mayhem, using his "clones" to usurp control of a droid production plant on Mechis III. With his new progeny, produced on Mechis III and specially programmed by IG-88 himself, he plotted to instigate a droid revolt by broadcasting a simple signal throughout the galaxy.

To earn enough funds to put his scheme into action, IG-88 worked throughout the Galactic Core as a bounty hunter. After claiming an untold number of lives, he attracted the attention of Darth Vader, who hired the droid, Boba Fett, and four other bounty hunters to find Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. While IG-88’s fate is somewhat difficult to surmise, Tales of the Bounty Hunters suggests that he began his quest for Solo by planting a homing device on Boba Fett’s Slave I. Once Fett tracked Solo to Cloud City, he was confronted by one of IG-88’s clones. Fett blasted this droid with an ion cannon, and later destroyed two additional IG-88 replicas and their ships during a climactic battle over Tatooine. A year after his clones had been defeated, the original IG-88 managed to transplant his consciousness into the computer core of the second Death Star. He planned to use the giant space station to broadcast his droid activation signal, thus causing the droid revolt. However, moments before IG-88 put his plan into motion, Lando Calrissian destroyed the battle station.

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