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Miy'til Starfighter


Craft: Modified Olanji/Charubah Miy'til Starfighter
Type: Space Superiority Starfighter
Length: 7.5 Meters
1 Triple Linked Laser Cannon
2 Ion Cannons
1 Concussion Missile Launcher
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Astromech Droid
Top Speed: 110 MGLT
Troop Capacity: None
Cargo Capacity: 25 Kilograms
Passengers: None

The Miy'til starfighter is solely used by the Hapes Consortium, and is the center of many technological secrets the Hapans care not to share with the outside Galaxy.

These fighters saw service in many of the border skirmishes the Hapans had with pirates or other interlopers, the Battle of Dathomir, the Battle of Fondor, and naturally, during the Battle of Hapes against the Yuuzhan Vong. Interestingly, they served alongside X-wings in the Hapan fleet.

Prince Isolder, crown prince to the Hapan throne, personally designed his starfighter. Isolder began with the basic hull of the Hapan Miy'til fighter, but more than half a million credits of refinements have turned Storm into a fighter that can stand against any short-range ship in the Hapan Cluster. It is thought that the Hapan military plans to incorporate some of Storm's elements, including a limited turbo-generator, into the next generation of Miy'til fighters.

The basis hull is short and sleek, with the fighter coming in at just over seven meters long. This required the Hapan engineers to miniaturize as many components as possible to get them to fit inside the hull. The ship has a prototype R2-Series5 astromech droid that was received as a gift from Princess Leia during the initial negotiations with the Hapans. The R2(S5) is a perfect mate for Storm's computer and weapon systems, which are too advanced for compatibility with regular R2 astromech units.

Storm is equipped with four banks of Nordoxicon 38 anticoncussion-field generators. Immediately in front of the canopy sits the sensor and communication scrambler, very similar to the sensor jammer mounted on the A-wing fighter. It allows Isolder to block all communications from enemy fighters and prevents enemy scanners from acquiring a target lock.

The nose holds a set of triple-linked laser cannons and a miniconcussion-missile launcher with a bay of ten missiles. The missiles are custom-built, featuring a sophisticated tracking system that can overcome Storm's jamming system. Each wing contains an ion cannon, and there are twin thermal-detonator bombing tubes for pinpoint bombingóStorm carries sixteen thermal detonators.

The ship has a transparisteel bubble canopy for excellent visibility in all directions. The four Incom 6x4 fusial thrust engines have been rebuilt with modified Tykannin Class-4 power converters to give the ship the sublight speed of a TIE Interceptor. Each engine has an oversize Cygnus turbo generator for short bursts that propel the ship to speeds one-third faster than that of the Republic A-wing fighter. As a result of the dangerous nature of the generators, Storm is equipped with n emergency shutdown system for critically overloaded engines.

Storm was a common sight in battles in the Hapan Cluster, since Prince Isolder often chose to lead his fighters into battle, and the ship crash-landed on the planet Dathomir during a rescue attempt involving Princess Leia. Storm was recovered and rebuilt after the Battle of Dathomir, but even so, the Hapans have refused to share their technological breakthroughs with the New Republic's technicians.

These fighters continued to be in use as of the Hapan Insurrection, participating on both sides of the engagement. A squadron of the fighters loyal to the Ducha Galney strafed Jaina Solo and Zekk when they investigated her estate, and many of them were present in the Battle of Hapes. Each Hapes Nova Battle Cruiser carried 24 Miy'til starfighters, and the Hapan Battle Dragons carried 36. The Queen Mother's mobile palace Star Home carried up to 60 of the Miy'til fighters.

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