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Guri’s Stinger

Image created by Andrew Hodges and used with permission. Visit his website here.

Craft: Modified Surronian Conqueror Assault Ship
Type: Assault Ship
Length: 28 Meters
2 Ion Cannons
2 Double Laser Cannons
Crew: 1 Pilot
Top Speed: 65 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 2
Cargo Capacity: 25 Metric Tons
Passengers: 2

The enigmatic woman known only as Guri is a bodyguard and operative for the powerful overlord Prince Xizor. Little is known of Guri’s history before she began working for Xizor, and despite her prominent status within Xizor’s organization, she remains a being of mystery.

Guri pilots the modified assault ship Stinger. The distinctive profile of the Stinger is known and feared by criminals throughout the Empire, from the capital of Coruscant to distant trading worlds like Nar Shaddaa, Celanon, and Ord Mantell.

The Stinger is a modified Surronian assault ship that Xizor owned long before he entrusted it to Guri. Guri uses the ship as a mobile base of operations when she is commanding Xizor’s various paramilitary groups, but she has also been known to use it to smuggle precious cargoes for Xizor.

The Stinger is roughly twenty-eight meters long, with a hull that is curved and appears to be somehow sculpted. The ship is powered by a cluster of four Surronian A2-grade and four A2.50-grade ion engines, with a sublight speed faster than that of an X-wing and only slightly slower than that of a TIE fighter. In an atmosphere, the Stinger can achieve a top speed of 1,150 kilometers per hour. Its maneuverability is enhanced by having the pilot individually adjust each engine’s exhaust nozzles through the onboard computer system; this eliminates the need for maneuvering jets. Guri has installed a set of four emergency braking jets in the forward wings and on more than one occasion has used them to slow the Stinger so rapidly that pursuing ships overtook it, thus providing an easy target for her weapons. The modified Corellian Engineering Corporation H2-1 hyperdrive gives the ship a Class One hyperdrive rating.

The weaponry consists of a pair of fire-linked ion cannons facing forward as well as a turret-mounted double laser cannon. The laser cannons can be handled from the turret’s gunnery position or controlled from the cockpit, although at significantly reduced accuracy.

The forward compartment has the cockpit, with seating for the pilot and two passengers. The small emergency escape pod is set immediately behind the cockpit. Behind the ship’s "neck" is the main cargo hold, although cargo space aboard the Stinger is at a premium. Most of the rear compartment has been filled by the Stinger’s large power core, reserve engine components, and modified shield generators. The Stinger’s internal systems are monitored by an advanced MicroThrust computer system that automatically reroutes power and activated reserve systems if there is a major system overload, leaving Guri free to concentrate on piloting and combat duties.

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