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Sail Barge

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Craft: Ubrikkian Luxury Sail Barge
Type: Sail Barge
Length: 30 Meters
1 Heavy Blaster Cannon
10 Antipersonnel Deck-Mounted Blasters
Crew: 26
Top Speed: 100 Kilometers per hour, or 30 kilometers per hour with sails engaged, with a maximum altitude of 10 meters
Troop Capacity: N/A
Cargo Capacity: 250 Metric Tons
Passengers: 300, 1 Obese Hutt

A luxury repulsorlift vehicle found throughout the galaxy. Jabba the Hutt used a sail barge for elaborate pleasure cruises and parties, during which he would often feed his enemies to the grotesque Sarlacc. Jabba’s sail barge could hold dozens of guests and had a fully stocked kitchen, private quarters for the crime lord, and an immense banquet room. The vessel perished when Princess Leia rigged the barge’s mounted laser cannon to fire directly into the deck, destroying the craft and all aboard.

While sail barges are manufactured in a variety of makes and models, many are purchased by the wealthy, who customize the vehicles through a series of unique modifications. Most sail barges utilize three-chambered repulsorlift engines to race over virtually any flat terrain, including water, sand, grass, snow, and ice, at up to 100 kilometers per hour. Many also sport immense, retractable sails capable of catching wind for more leisurely trips. Typical sail barges can float as high as ten meters above the ground, incorporate very little armor, and lack weapons of any kind.

Jabba the Hutt used his sail barge to host long, decadent parties during cruises over the oceans of sand found on Tatooine. To impress his guests, he had the vehicle outfitted with all the trappings of wealth, including expensive tapestries and sculptures.

The Hutt’s sail barge consisted of three decks. On the topmost main deck, Jabba mounted a large heavy blaster cannon and numerous antipersonnel blasters. While these weapons were perfect for dealing with Tusken Raiders, moisture farmers, Jawas, and other Tatooine natives, they were of little use against Imperial stormtroopers or other military threats. For this reason, Jabba installed an advanced sensor suite on the main deck, allowing the crime lord to avoid any Imperial entanglements while transporting illegal goods.

The passenger deck, where Jabba held his lavish parties, was surrounded by retractable viewports providing sweeping views of the Tatooine desert. This section of the vehicle also held the massive banquet hall, Jabba’s personal chambers, the kitchen, and a fully stocked pantry. Finally, the bottom deck contained the engines and steering systems, which could be remotely controlled from Jabba’s suite, the banquet hall, or the upper deck.

After Jabba’s death at the hands of the Rebels, Jawas descended on the sail barge’s wreckage. They stole the surviving weapons, huge sections of the armor plating, and anything else they could find.

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