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ig_2000 (2).jpg (97079 bytes)

Craft: Aggressor Assault Fighter
Type: Assault Fighter
Length: 20 Meters
2 Forward  Laser Cannons
1 Ion Cannon
2 Tractor-Beam Projectors 
Crew: 1
Top Speed: 80 MGLT
Troop Capacity: N/A
Cargo Capacity: N/A
Passengers: 8

IG-2000 was the assault starfighter utilized by the infamous assassin droid IG-88. Roughly twenty meters long, the ship was designed specifically for combat. While its mass was significantly higher that that of most starfighters, the majority of the interior space was devoted to engines and weapon systems.

This fighter’s power came from a single Kuat Galaxy-15 ion engine stolen from a decommissioned Nebulon-B escort frigate. The engine was force-fed from three converted Quadex power cores, with a sublight speed that matched that of Boba Fett’s Slave 1 and the Alliance’s Y-wing fighter. To handle possible power overloads, the engine cowling had eight bleed-off vents that would direct discharges away from the power core.

Maneuverability was enhanced via a pair of extendable vanes. These were pulled flush with the hull for normal starflight, but for combat they were extended out. The vanes had several ailerons for atmospheric maneuvers and braking. The ship’s inertial compensators were often disabled, since IG-88 had no reason to fear the gravitational effects of sudden maneuvers; the droid could perform maneuvers that would kill an organic pilot.

IG-2000’s weaponry consisted of a pair of forward laser cannons, a single ion cannon mounted below the cockpit, and a pair of tractor-beam projectors mounted in the forward mandibles. Because bounties are often offered for live captures, the droid preferred to use the ion cannon to disable enemy ships, then use the tractor beams to maneuver ships to the air lock. IG-88 kept four assault drones in the air lock and used them as advance scouts for boarding action in case his targets preferred to fight rather than surrender.

The forward cockpit section was IG-88’s domain, with a weapons locker and a small maintenance area placed just behind the pilot station. The prisoner hold, the only area on the ship with a life support system, filled the middle deck of the ship. IG-2000 had room for up to eight captives and featured a single stasis tube for keeping critically injured captives alive. The hold also had a small medbay (with an old FX-7 medical assistant droid) and an interrogation room.

The IG-2000 was destroyed over Tatooine when IG-88 attempted to steal the carbonite-imprisoned Han Solo from Boba Fett. IG-88 used a decoy of the IG-2000 to distract Fett in order to mount a sneak attack on Slave 1. However Fett outmaneuvered the assassin droid, capturing IG-2000 with Slave 1’s tractor beams and then destroying it with a volley of concussion missiles. Rumors abound that another assassin droid calling itself IG-88 has been spotted operating in bounty hunter circles, but those reports are unsubstantiated…

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