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Aggressor Destroyer

Craft: Aggressor-class Destroyer
Type: Destroyer
Length: Unknown
2 Plasma Cannons
2 Turbolaser Laser Cannons
Crew: Unknown
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: Unknown
Cargo Capacity: Unknown
Passengers: Unknown

The Aggressor-class destroyer was one of several different warship classes utilized by Tyber Zann's faction in the Galactic Civil War.

Ships of the class were comparable to the Galactic Empire's Imperial-class Star Destroyers and were armed with two powerful fire-linked guns fixed to the forward hull which fired a large ion pulse followed by an enormous, spiraling plasma shot. They were also armed with turbolaser batteries in their wings. 

In addition, they could bombard enemy ground positions from orbit with their devastating weaponry. These were very strong—and very expensive—warships. 

Although this class of ship had heavy armor, they were cumbersome in battle and needed protection from quicker capital ships and their starfighters. These ships were known to utilize their self destruct mechanism when it was required to damage the enemy in a losing battle. 

The designer of the Aggressor-class destroyer is unknown. Tyber Zann found the plans in the wreckage of the first Death Star and modified them to create his flagship, Merciless. Other Aggressor-class destroyers built after this were based on these modified plans.

The Merciless differed from other ships of the same class in two way: looks and weaponry. It was painted black with white trims and had intimidating murals of Krayt dragons on the sides of its hull. 

Weapons-wise, it could charge its main weapons to inflict massive damage on any ship that dared oppose it. It also had a cloaking device. 

The Merciless and Zann Consortium participated in the Second Battle of Kuat.

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