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YT-2000 Transport


YT-2000 Otana.jpg (11442 bytes)

Craft: YT-2000 Corellian Transport
Type: Light Transport
Length: 32 Meters
2 Quad Laser Cannons
1 Laser Cannon
1 Medium Ion Cannon 
Crew: 3
Top Speed: 96 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 7
Cargo Capacity: 115 Metric Tons
Passengers: 7

The YT-2000 transport was a precursor to the YT-2400 that saw a limited production run, but was a significant improvement over the traditionally used YT-1300. The cockpit is situated in the center of the craft unlike the YT-2000's predecessors, also the cockpit set-up is different. Instead of having the pilot and co-pilot side by side, the pilot is in front while the co-pilot is situated behind and raised above the pilot. There is no room for other persons in the cockpit. Even with all of these changes, this ship still maintains the traditional YT series saucer design. With the cockpit pod in the center of the ship, docking and maneuvering was made easier as opposed to having to gauge distance to the far side of the ship.

Additionally, the ship boasts a double laser turret standard, due to the more dangerous times in which the ship was created. Rumors about that the YT-2000 was originally intended to be the "next generation" model of transports for Corellian Engineering Corporation, however industrial espionage forced them to release the ship before the design was finalized lest that be beaten to the punch by a competitor. It was also rumored that the engineers at CEC had trouble convincing the Imperial Regulatory Commission that the YT-2000 was a civilian ship. This ship is heavily armed and armored and is amazingly agile for a craft of its size

The Otana is Tomaas Azzameen's personal freighter. It is faster and more maneuverable than the regular YT-2000. It boasts a medium Ion Cannon along with Dorsal and Ventral Quad Laser Turrets. Tomaas and Galin Azzameen personally modified it. With the Ion Cannon the "Otana" is a formidable opponent.

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