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Y-4 "Raptor" Transport

Craft: Incom Corporation's Y-4 "Raptor" Transport
Type: Light Freighter
Length: 28 Meters
1 Chin-Mounted Dual Laser Cannon
1 Dorsal Dual Laser Cannon Turret
1 Recessed Concussion Missile Launcher
Crew: 1 Pilot, 2 Gunners, 1 Astromech Droid
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: 40
Cargo Capacity:
300 Metric Tons
4 All Terrain Scout Transports
Several PX-10 CAVw
Military Speeder Bikes
Passengers: 40

The Incom Y-4 "Raptor" Transport is designed to be a military transport and was released to the Empire shortly before the Incom Corporation was seized by the decree of Emperor Palpatine. Even though the ship had very good performance and design it was never really used by the Empire because of Incom's affiliation with the X-Wing and the Rebel Alliance.

When Warlord Zsinj spread his might of his Empire, he began to use the Incom Y-4 "Raptor" Transport. Which is where the ships nickname "Zsinj Raptor." It is under 30 meters long and its main mission is to deliver troops and supplies between starships. The military Y-4 can carry up to 40 troops, and four AT-ST Scout Walkers. Other vehicles can be carried like the PX-10 ground assault vehicle and speeder bikes, and folding assault ramps allow troops and vehicles to depart the ship in mere seconds.

The Y-4 has a standard array of sublight drives, and a Class-Two hyperdrive, an backup hyperdrive engine, and a dedicated nav computer. The Incom Y-4 "Raptor" Transport requires a crew of 3, a pilot, a chief gunnery officer on the bridge, and a secondary gunnery officer. The bridge also has a R2 astromech or a similar model for hyperspace calculations.

The forward gunnery officer handles the two fire-linked laser cannons, and a recessed concussion-missile launcher with a magazine of six missiles, the secondary gunnery officer handles the dorsal-mounted double laser cannon. The Y-4 was known for its quiet infiltration of enemy planets. It has retractable wings on the side for emergency braking and increased maneuverability. Its one meter thick heat shield and extra layers of spray-on ablative coating increase the heat resistance.

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