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CRF-156T Fast Courier

(Raven's Claw)

Craft: Modified Corellian Engineering Corporation
CRF-156T Fast Courier
Type: Light Courier
Length: 26 Meters
4 Laser Cannons
2 Proton Torpedo Launchers
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot
Top Speed: 120 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 2
Cargo Capacity: 10 Metric Tons
Passengers: 2

The Raven's Claw was the fast light courier ship of the mercenary team Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors following the destruction of their first ship, the Moldy Crow. Upon completing their mission to the Valley of the Jedi, the New Republic granted them enough compensation that they were able to purchase the new model Corellian courier vessel, a descendent of the same model as the original Moldy Crow. With the acquisition of the Raven's Claw, Jan and Kyle were able to continue their battles against the Imperial Remnant.

In addition to a sleeker design and larger weapons armament, the ship is one of the fastest in the galaxy, rivaling Han Solo's Falcon in pure sublight speed and zipping through hyperspace at a considerable clip. The ship boasts a pair of military-grade proton torpedo launchers, as well as a set of lasers that would cause any attacker to flinch. Additionally, Mon Mothma personally authorized the placement of a Holonet transceiver on the vessel in order to more quickly communicate with her most trusted freelance mercenaries.

Jan Ors was the pilot, who was said to be a better pilot than Kyle. It was Jan's job, when she was not following mission objectives with Katarn, to ensure that he could be pulled out as quickly as possible should the operation turn desperate. This tactic almost cost Jan Ors her life, when Desann and Tavion Axmis found and abducted her, compelling Katarn to take up his abandoned Force powers and return to the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan.

After Kyle Katarn started his search for Desann, Master Skywalker promised to take care of the Raven's Claw during his search. After Desann's death on Yavin 4, Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors continued to fly this ship. During the time of the Disciples of Ragnos, Jaden Korr was the co-pilot of the Raven's Claw with Kyle Katarn. Together, they flew to Corellia, Nar Kreeta, Vjun, Byss, Taspir III, and possibly Korriban.

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