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MC-80b Star Cruiser

Mon Remonda

Craft: Mon Calamari MC-80b Star Cruiser
Type: Heavy Destroyer/Cruiser
Length: 1,200 meters
48 Turbo Lasers
20 Ion Cannon
4 Tractor Beam Projectors
2 Warhead Launchers
Crew: 5,156, gunners: 246
Top Speed: 12 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 1,200 
Cargo Capacity:
15,000 Metric Tons
Starfighters: 48 Fighters
(Later carried 96 Fighters)
Passengers: 1,200

With the defeat of the Empire at Endor, the Rebel Alliance, renamed the New Republic, had to alter its combat strategy, switching from harassing Imperial bases to taking and holding territory. Smaller ships, such as Corellian gunships and Nebulon-B escort frigates, were no longer sufficient; the New Republic needed heavy combat cruisers such as the Mon Calamari MC80 Star Cruisers used at the Battle of Endor. 

So the Mon Calamari began working on the MC90 line of star cruisers approximately six months after the Battle of Endor. A year later the Mon Remonda, an interim Mon Cal Star Cruiser classified as an MC80B, was delivered to the New Republic. The MC90 cruisers would not be ready for nearly another four years, but in the interim the MC80B cruisers led the New Republic's spirited effort to unite the galaxy.

The Mon Remonda was immediately put to use as the flagship of a New Republic fleet sent to repel the offensive launched by rogue Imperial Walord Zsinj. The expedition was commanded by General Han Solo, and after five months Solo returned victorious to Coruscant. Zsinj's Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist had been destroyed, and his forces had been pushed back to their original territory. 

The Mon Remonda was approximately 1,200 meters long and used the organic form characteristic of Mon Calamari starships. The most significant upgrade in the MC80B line was a more heavily reinforced hull and multiple backup shield generators. This reinforcement gave the MC80B line a decisive edge in extended battles, where the Mon Cal cruiser could take a severe beating but had time to blast through the more limited shielding found on Imperial warships. 

The MC80B's forty-eight turbolasers are linked in banks of twelve, while the twenty ion cannons are linked in banks of four, allowing intense fire to be brought to bear against a single target. The Mon Remonda carried four squadrons of fighters, for a total of forty-eight fighters, including one A-Wing squadron, two X-Wing squadrons and a single B-Wing squadron; later MC80B cruisers were to be refitted to carry up to eight squadron of fighters. 

While new MC90 cruisers were being built with an eye toward accommodating other species, the Mon Remonda retained many of the MC80's original components and was specifically designed for the Mon Calamari physiology. Holographic displays and monitors were configured for the Mon Cals' visual range, while some controls were keyed to crew seats and were activated by certain movements that were perfectly natural for Mon Calamari… and almost impossible for humans. 

The Mon Remonda was destroyed by the World Devastator Silencer-7 at the Second Battle of Calamari during the campaign of the resurrected Emperor Palpatine. While all hands were lost, the crew destroyed an Imperial Star Destroyer and several support vessels, saving thousands of civilian Mon Calamari and Quarren lives. 

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