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Alliance Escort Carrier

Craft: Alliance Escort Carrier
Type: Starfighter Transport
Length: 350 Meters
Weapons: 20 Laser Cannons
Crew: Unknown
Top Speed: Unknown
Troop Capacity: Unknown
Cargo Capacity: 30 Starfighters
Passengers: Unknown

The Escort Carrier was built during the Galactic Civil War by both the Empire and the Alliance. The Alliance Escort Carrier is more streamlined and more maneuverable than their Imperial counterparts. Escort carriers are capable of carrying and refueling wings of starfighters and dramatically increase the starfighter capacity of the fleet to which they are attached. A standard Escort Carrier can convey 30 starfighters and an unknown number of shuttles and landing crafts.

Designed as a mobile base, the Alliance Escort Carrier is found in the rear of many New Republic fleets. First serving around the time of the Ssi-Ruuk invasion, the Alliance Escort Carrier showed that it excelled not only as a starfighter transport, but also as a mobile repair station, as well as a strategic command ship, from which a battle can be overseen from a distance. The Alliance Escort Carriers were not well-armed. However, they became a force to be reckoned with when they were escorted into battle by the starfighters they carried. Carrying a full wing of starfighters, the Alliance Escort Carrier is equipped with laser cannons with which to repel attacking enemy starfighters, and it can also defend itself against smaller cruisers. Generally, however, Alliance Escort Carriers will stay on the battle perimeter.

The Escort Carrier Flurry fought in the battle of Bakura, but it was the flagship of the small fleet and it was heavier armed than standard Carriers. The Flurry was a so-called cruiser-carrier and served many years under captain Tessa Manchisco. Unfortunately, the ship was destroyed when the Imperial cruiser Dominant opened fire. All men died, but their sacrifice is remembered.

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