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TIE Lambda

Craft: TIE Lambda
Type: Starfighter
Length: 6.2 Meters
2 Laser Cannons
Crew: 1
Top Speed: 104 MGLT
Troop Capacity: N/A
Cargo Capacity: 20 Kg
Passengers: N/A

The TIE Lambda was a design from Sienar to cut costs, yet provide a vessel of similar quality to the standard TIE Fighter. It came about after the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor and the Empire was in disorder. Imperial Warlords through out the galaxy joined forces and created the NEO Empire.

With this new beginning, it was decided to create new more powerful fighters to reek havoc on the New Republic forces, the Lambda was the first to go into production, intended to replace the TIE Fighter, it has a stronger hull and is faster than it's predecessor. The Cockpit or pilot's compartment is fitted with flight computers, communications, and life support. Either side of the cockpit from first glance still have the wing braces from the original TIE designs, but these in fact are shield generators. With a single wing, it is a maneuverable and tough variant of the TIE, but the design is reported to be a little uncontrollable within an atmosphere. Weaponry for the Lambda consists of two chin laser cannons.

The vessel was only built in limited numbers, and never adopted by any noteworthy squadrons, because it offered little advantage over the standard TIE, and offered only small savings as well. The few produced have been stationed on research bases, where the non-standard parts required have no great drain on supplies, and where modifications to this unusual fighter can be continued hopefully leading to something of worth for the Empire.

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