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PX-4 Mobile Command Base

Craft: Nen-Carvon's PX-4 Mobile Command Base
Type: Mobile Command Base
Length: 21.8 Meters
Weapons: 1 Heavy Laser Cannon
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1, Crewman, 1 Gunner
Top Speed: 200 Kilometers per hour
Troop Capacity: 7
Cargo Capacity: 1 Ton
Passengers: 7

The PX-4 Mobile Command Base (PX-4 MCB) was a specialized tracked vehicle, used by Galactic Empire military commanders during large-scale engagements. It's role was that of an observer and command post, traveling alongside the advancing troops and protecting its command staff.

The vehicle was protected by a reflective shield, an outer hull almost a meter thick, and a secondary hull encompassing the command pod. It was also armed with a turreted heavy laser cannon. It was able to hold seven passengers, as well as its crew of three. 

The interior featured sophisticated computer system, advanced communication arrays and holographic tactical displays of the battlefield, which continuously updated the staff on the progress of each battle, as they observed the conflict. In addition to receiving incoming transmissions from friendly forces, the PX-4s also monitored enemy transmissions, making them extremely valuable to Imperial intelligence. 

The PX-4's ability to protect its passengers was so extensive, units of this type even saw service as transports for planetary prefects and governors, some of which lived aboard the vehicle, never venturing outside.

The prestigious Raithal Academy trained its Imperial Army recruits to operate, among many vehicles, the PX-4. In military operations, PX-4 units were usually carried into battle by LAAT/c repulsorcraft.

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