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(All Terrain Scout Transport)

Craft: Imperial All Terrain Scout Transport Walker (AT-ST)
Type: Walker
Height: 8.6 Meters Tall
1 Twin Blaster Cannon
1 Light Blaster Cannon
1 Concussion Grenade Launcher
2 Durasteel Feet with Claws
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner
Top Speed: 90 Kilometers per hour over even terrain
Troop Capacity: None
Cargo Capacity: 200 Kilograms
Passengers: None

AT-STs, often referred to as the "chicken walker," are light scouting and perimeter vehicles that were used by the Empire. The two-legged All Terrain Scout Transports are small, agile walkers used in most conflicts, including the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor. Their primary uses include scouting, perimeter defense, and support for Imperial troops and AT-AT walkers.

AT-STs rely on agility rather then heavy armor for defense. Their two-legged drive system means that they are more easily unbalanced then AT-ATs, but they are considerably faster, with a top speed of ninety kilometers per hour. They are devastating in combat, especially against infantry troops and light repulsorcraft. While smaller then four-legged AT-AT walkers, AT-STs are still intimidating at 8.6 meters tall.

AT-STs have a crew of only two persons: a pilot and a gunner. Armor plating protects the entire command cabin, with closable viewports for both pilot and gunner. As in the AT-AT, a holographic targeting system provides a 360-degree view of the battlefield as well as range and targeting information.

The head can turn independently of the drive and leg mechanism to fire in all directions. The primary weapons are chin-mounted twin blaster cannons with a maximum range of two kilometers. Twin light blasters are mounted on the port side, while a concussion-grenade launcher is located on the starboard side of the vehicle: both weapons are particularly useful against ground troops. Cutting claws on each leg can slice through fences and other obstacles.

AT-ST walkers have a single drive system to power their legs. An advanced gyro system maintains balance, although the unit is susceptible to damage or collapse. While the AT-ST is excellent on open ground, it can be slowed or even dangerously unbalanced by dense foliage, uneven terrain, or hidden traps. The drive system is entirely exposed to enemy fire if troops are able to get close enough for pinpoint targeting.

AT-STs are excellent patrol vehicles and often are deployed alone for scouting and reconnaissance duties. They can provide covering fire for advancing ground-troops, and the drive unit allows them to work through terrain that would stop traditional repulsorlift vehicles such as combat landspeeders. When they are used in conjunction with AT-AT walkers, their maneuverability allows them to cover the larger walkers' flanks.

Access is through a single hatch at the top of the command cabin. Crew members can climb up the side of the walker by using a series of handholds, but specialized loading platforms are generally used at military bases.

A number of AT-ST walker variants have been produced. Most notable are the medium All Terrain Scout Transports/Assault walkers. They are significantly larger than standard AT-STs and are over ten meters tall. They carry a single heavy blaster cannon as the main weapon. They also have reinforced leg braces and a more advanced gyro balance system.

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