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Imperial I Star Destroyer

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Craft: Imperial I-class Star Destroyer               
Type: Star Destroyer
Length: 1,600 Meters
60 Turbolasers  Cannons
60 Ion Cannons
10 Tractor Beam Projectors
Crew: 36,810 On-Board Personnel, 275 Gunners
Top Speed: 60 MGLT
Troop Capacity: 9,700 Ground Troops
Cargo Capacity:
36,000 Metric Tons
20 AT-ATs
30 AT-STs
72 TIE Fighters
5 Assault Gunboats
8 Lambda-class Imperial Shuttles
15 Imperial Landing Craft
12 Landing Barges
Passengers: 9,700

The mammoth starship which forms the core of the Imperial Navy. Armed to excess, Star Destroyers are 1,600 meters long and they bristle with ion cannons and turbolasers. Two giant deflector shield generators atop the bridge protect the ship as it enters combat, and dozens of tractor beams aid in capturing enemy vessels. Along with seventy-two TIE fighters, each Star Destroyer carries 9,700 soldiers, twenty AT-ATs, thirty AT-STs, and a host of barges, drop ships, and other vehicles.

The Empire’s awesome wedge-shaped Imperial I-class Star Destroyers form the core of the Imperial Navy. True marvels of starship engineering, Star Destroyers are 1,600 meters long and have over one hundred weapon emplacements for deep-space combat.

The mere presence of such a vessel in orbit is often enough to quell uprisings on Rebel-sympathetic worlds, and Star Destroyer commanders can engage whole Rebel fleets and still expect victory.

Standard Imperial Star Destroyers have sixty turbolasers for ship-to-ship combat and planetary assault. A Star Destroyer’s sixty ion cannons are used to disable enemy ships in preparation for boarding. The Star Destroyer’s superstructure features an immense command tower housing essential systems, computer controls, and the bridge. The command tower is topped by a pair of deflector-shield generator domes.

Star Destroyers have two ventral landing bays. The aft docking bay—the main launch and landing bay for shuttles, support and cargo ships, and TIE fighters—accommodates ships at least 150 meters long. It connects to forward interior bays and storage sections, all of which connect to immense lift shafts. Ahead of the storage sections is the forward launch bay.

The forward launch bay is used primarily to deploy assault shuttles, walker landing barges, and ground forces vehicles; it also can serve as an auxiliary launch or landing bay for TIE fighters if the main docking bay is disabled.

A full wing of seventy-two TIE fighters (six squadrons of twelve ships each) is standard aboard each Destroyer. As of the Battle of Yavin, a standard Star Destroyer maintained four squadrons of standard TIE/Ins, one squadron of TIE interceptors, and one squadron of TIE bombers. (Lower-priority vessels have a squadron of TIE/gts.) By the time of the Battle of Endor, an additional TIE interceptor squadron had replaced one of the TIE/In squadrons.

Support ships, all maintained aboard the Destroyer, include eight Lambda-class shuttles, fifteen stormtrooper transports, five assault gunboats, and a variable number of Skipray blastboats and Gamma-class assault shuttles.

Star Destroyers carry planetary assault teams, with landing barges, drop ships, 20 AT-AT walkers, 30 AT-ST scout walkers, and 9,700 ground troops. For a long-term planetary occupation, the Destroyer can deploy a prefabricated garrison base with eight hundred troops, ten AT-ATs, ten AT-STs, and forty TIE fighters. Full planetary invasions often require a full fleet, normally six Destroyers, heavy and light cruisers, and carrier ships.

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