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Archived News
October 2004
Week 4

Saturday October 23, 2004
Preorder Episode III Novel

The novelization for Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith,
by Matthew Woodring Stover, due out April 2005, is now available
for preorder at

Hit the link above to reserve your copy today!

Posted by: themostpowerfuljediever

Saturday October 23, 2004
Lightsaber Props

Ryan Wieber, a rather popular creator of Star Wars fan films, has opened up his own online Lightsaber Replica store, called SaberShop:

I've been making saber fights for some time. And all along the way, I've always had trouble getting good saber props to use for fighting. If you're anything like me, you're probably a little dissapointed with the options you have when it comes to trying to find a good saber for fighting. Most everything out there is either too expensive, too heavy to be useable for decent fighting, or (usually) both. And so, in the past, I've built my own sabers (with some help).

Over the years as I've made more fights, tested the ergonomics of more sabers and stunt blade formats, and even had the opportunity to fight with the real Episode III stunt saber props. As you can imagine, I've now got a much better idea of how to make a good saber... and I'm now finally in a position to put that knowledge to use for those who, like me, want a better option when it comes to fighting sabers.

I've set out to produce sabers machined out of aluminum that look good enough to be hero props for close-ups, but are constructed paramountly with weight and fighting in mind... and offer them at a more reasonable price than some places I've seen. I'm confident that once you get a saber from, you won't want to fight with anything less.

They may not be exact replicas from the films, but they don't cost as much as exact replicas would. MasterReplicas has a Luke Skywalker lightsaber prop priced at approx. $500. Ryans are about $150. Hit the link above to visit Ryans online store.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Saturday October 23, 2004
Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

Star Wars Yoda: Dark Rendezvous by Sean Stewart is set for release on November 23, but Del Rey Books is giving 25 online fans an opportunity to win an advance reader's copy of the paperback novel, and write a review.

It's the first Star Wars novel to feature Yoda as the central character. Set during the Clone Wars, Yoda is set to investigate a dubious entreaty for peace from the leader of the Separatists, Count Dooku. It's unlikely to be sincere, but with so many lives at stake, Yoda voyages to the dark world of Vjun, to meet his once promising pupil.

To enter, send an email with DARK RENDEZVOUS in the subject line to Include your full name and address in the body of the email. Your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than this reader review. If you are among the 25 randomly selected reviewers, Del Rey will notify you by email before mailing you the book. All submissions must be received before 12:01 a.m. Monday, November 1. Reviews may be posted in Del Rey's online newsletter, DRIN.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Friday October 22, 2004
OT: DVD Restoration

The offical Apple website has posted a cool article on the restoration of the Original Trilogy to DVD, with some comparison photos and lots of information on how they restored the films. Here's a snippit:

Of the three films, Lowry says, the oldest was the most degraded. “In ‘New Hope’ we were getting many hundreds of pieces of dirt per frame. So there were scenes where there were literally a million pieces of dirt in one reel of film. It was unbelievable.”

Optical matching was the next biggest challenge because optical printing, which creates effects by running film repeatedly through a printer to pick up different elements, was used to create most of the special effects in the earliest “Star Wars” movies.

“Opticals are a little soft, and much grainier, because there are two more generations on film, and there’s a little more contrast,” says Lowry. “We try to match those scenes perfectly so they don’t telegraph that something’s going to happen, a light saber sequence, for example, by showing a change in picture quality. We removed that extra grain, reduced the contrast, and got the sharpness to match the prior and following scenes.”

Hit the link above to read the full article, and see some more comparison shots.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Friday October 22, 2004
EPIII: A Ship and Some Planets

I was flipping through the net and found a few interesting things about EPIII. First, has posted a list of all the planets that may be revealed in ROTS:

Spoilers - Highlight to read:

1. Coruscant
2. Tatooine
3. Naboo
4. Alderaan
5. Kashyyyk
6. Felucia
7. Utapau
8. Mustafar
9. Saleucami
10. Mygeeto
11. Cato Neimoidia
12. Dagobah

And secondly, the name of a prominent characters starship has been revealed, according to the latest Before the Helmet:

Spoilers - Highlight to read:

The Jedi objective of Battle of Coruscant is spotted on a display screen -- the Invisible Hand, flagship of General Grievous.

Hit the link above to read the full article.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Friday October 22, 2004
Battlefront: IGN Review

IGN added to the the list of reviews for Battlefront, this time covering both the pros and the cons. Here's a little clip of it:

Starting with the plusses, Star Wars Battlefront brought together an excellent cast of characters from all episodes while creating maps from distinguished areas of the Star Wars landscape in which to fight. Whether you picked a Rebel pilot, Wookie, Storm Trooper, Clone, or Dark Trooper, the character classes were, for the most part, well thought out and useful. Though personally, I almost never once used an engineer type from any class. The addition of special Force characters such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, who fight alongside you once you've earned them, is fun while filling that classic fan desire to have them there, even if you can't actually fight as them.

And he goes on, slowly working his way into the cons:

You've got a solid online action game that's fun but not all that deep or strategically diverse. There is strategy, and there is some depth, but from a design standpoint, compared to its quasi-namesake (Battlefield 1942), any sensible exploration proves there are few, and rather linear, strategies. To add to the complaint list, the vehicles are extraordinarily unbalanced. In other words, they're often very difficult -- or near impossible -- to defeat. Again, there are strategies to beat them all, but the amount of manpower needed to beat a TX-130 series of fighter tank was ridiculous. And if you really try to dedicate your forces to beating it, the rest of the enemy team could easily win the bases in the mean time. Meantime, the ATAT is seriously difficult to defeat as well.

Hit the link above to read the full article.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Friday October 22, 2004
Celebration III -- It's All About Fans!

Local and Regional Fan Groups - Apply to Exhibit Now

Star Wars fans from all over the world will gather in the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis April 21 -- 24, 2005 to celebrate the coming premiere of Episode III Revenge of the Sith, and to share the excitement of Celebration III with other fans. To help Star Wars enthusiasts enjoy the show together, Lucasfilm and Gen Con LLC will set aside a special Star Wars fan area with free exhibit space for a limited number of clubs and groups that qualify.

The Star Wars fan group area at Celebration III will be an important part of a vibrant "fan quarter" that will feature fan-sponsored events, displays, and activities all about the joy of Star Wars. Groups in the exhibit area can talk with other fans about what their clubs do, make plans to see Episode III Revenge of the Sith, and recruit new members. The application process for Fan Club exhibit space at Celebration III is open as of today, and runs until December 9, 2004. Guidelines and requirements for applying are at

Get your fan club into the heart of the action at Celebration III! In addition to applying for free exhibit space, fan groups and individuals can submit proposals for fan-sponsored events or exhibits. Guidelines and deadlines are under the "Events and Programming" section of

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday October 21, 2004
MTFBWY Makes Top 10

'May The Force Be With You' came in at Number 8 in a survey of the top film phrases according to Odeon cinema managers. reports:

1. You Talkin to Me? – Taxi Driver

2. Bond, James Bond – Dr No

3. What’s it All About? – Alfie

4. Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn – Gone with the Wind

5. We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat – Jaws

6. Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner – Dirty Dancing

7. You’re Only Supposed to Blow the Bloody Doors Off! – The Italian Job

8. May the Force be With You – Star Wars

9. Show Me the Money! – Jerry Maguire

10. Yeah, Baby, Yeah! – Austin Powers

Hit the link above to read the full article. I personally am glad to see that Austin Powers also made it into the top 10 list.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday October 21, 2004
Battlefront: Washington Times Review

The Washington Times had a chance to review the latest video game release by LucasArts (Battlefront). Here's a snippit of it:

First, players become the grunts of a galactic conflict in Star Wars: Battlefront. Set up for either a solo soldier, two warriors playing on one console (viewed via a split screen) or a colossal multiplayer extravaganza requiring a broadband Internet connection, the game combines the meticulous recreation of famous environments seen in the "Star Wars" films with third-person action.

The fun adventure involves choosing a historical period (Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War), choosing a side within the time frame (Republic or Separatist, Imperial or Rebel), and picking one of 20 soldier types to portray and a planet on which to wage a battle.

Solo players have the option of working through the Historical Campaign mode to become part of all six movies while visiting a dozen landscapes or simply try to conquer a galaxy, planet by planet.

Soldiers used are not of the heroic variety but rather range from a lowly clone trooper packing a missile launcher to a Separatist super battle 'droid to a Rebel pilot (in orange flight suit) wielding a blaster cannon.

"Star Wars" moments proliferate on the screen; a John Williams musical score pipes in; authentic sound effects pummel the eardrums; and multiple species and familiar characters such as Tusken raiders, Wookiees, Jawas and Luke Skywalker make appearances.

Sounds very cool! If you're interested in this game, be sure to hit the link above and read the full article.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday October 21, 2004
Apprentice of the Force

Australian IT has posted a little review of the newly-released Star Wars game for Game Boy Advance titled Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force:

THIS tiny game packs all three films into one exciting adventure.

Apprentice of the Force is largely a two-dimensional side-scrolling action game and feels similar to the classic Super Nintendo game Super Star Wars. Controlling an eager, but at first unskilled Luke, you must jump obstacles, use a light sabre and fry enemies with a blaster.

At first, there isn't much you can do, but as you move through the levels, you gain skills and powers. Even though this game is played on the diminutive Game Boy Advance screen, the graphics are colourful and the action gets hard as you complete the game's first phase and blow up the Death Star.

Seeing this game is the main reason that I want a GBA. Hit the link above to visit Australian IT.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday October 21, 2004
EpIII: Teaser Trailer

The Official Site has posted up details of the upcoming advance preview of the Episode III teaser trailer for Hyperspace members:

The highly anticipated teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith will make its theatrical debut with Pixar's The Incredibles in the U.S. and Canada on November 5.

However, members of Hyperspace can see it before then as the full teaser will make its world-wide debut on the early afternoon (U.S.) of November 4. This exclusive member-only preview will be in high-quality QuickTime format.

Lucas Online is pleased to have partnered with AOL and to provide readers with fast and reliable access to Episode III video content. Subscribers to AOL will be able to see the trailer in streaming video formats starting November 4. Also look for the trailer on television the evening of November 4.

Hit the link above to read the full article.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Wednesday October 20, 2004
Jump to Lightspeed: Release Date

The Offical SW Galaxies site has confirmed the release date of the expansion pack Jump to Lightspeed:

LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment are pleased to confirm that Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed will release on October 27th, 2004.

Haden Blackman, producer, LucasArts: "LucasArts is thrilled with the Jump To Lightspeed expansion, a product of our strong and ongoing partnership with SOE. This first expansion delivers the fun and engaging space combat experience players expect from Star Wars."

Jump to Lightspeed adds a whole new level of fast-paced game play to the established Star Wars Galaxies ground-based MMORPG. Thousands of players will now be able to join their friends in exploring and battling across 10 deep space sectors in over 20 different customizable spacecraft, including iconic X-wings, TIE fighters and "Millennium Falcon" type transports.

Sounds great! Click here to view the trailer, and if you're interested, click here to preorder your copy today!

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Tuesday October 19, 2004
Ep III Trailer - When and Where you'll see it reports, the teaser trailer for Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith can be seen on theater screens Friday, Nov. 5.

The trailer will be placed with The Incredibles, the new Disney/Pixar animated film. "However, just because the EPISODE III trailer may be shipped with the film cans of THE INCREDIBLES or suggested to play in front of that film doesn't necessarily mean that every theater screen will show the SITH trailer before The Incredibles."

"We were also told that there is a plan to have the world premiere of the EPISODE III trailer the evening before it begins playing in theaters on the Thursday, November 4 showing of Access Hollywood, the syndicated entertainment television news program."

Hit the link above for the entire article!

Posted by: themostpowerfuljediever

Monday October 18, 2004
OT DVD: ESB Examination

DVDAnswers posted a very cool and in depth article which examines the changes that have been made to The Empire Strikes Back since it's original release:

In the first of my three-part examination of the changes to the Star Wars trilogy I looked at the differences between the various releases of A New Hope. Now the time has come to turn my attention to my favourite instalment of the trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back. This instalment of the saga has suffered relatively minor changes when compared to the first film in the series, and many believe that of the three films, Empire is the least ‘tainted’. As before, we’ll examine alterations to existing scenes, followed by scenes not included in the theatrical release. There will then be a section devoted to audio differences. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what has changed.

He then goes on to show many different comparision shots along with descriptions. Very good article, click here or on the link above to read the full article. Also, you'll probably want to check out his examination of A New Hope by clicking here.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Monday October 18, 2004
Battlefront: Another Review

The Washington Post posted their review on the latest Star Wars video game Battlefront:

Hearing a Jar Jar Binks-lookalike Gungan yell "Meesa gonna die!" as my droid tank shot him point-blank may have been the best part of this game. An excellent match for anybody with a set of Star Wars action figures in the closet -- or anybody who just likes blowing things up -- Star Wars Battlefront re-creates most of the movies' memorable battles.

You can fight from a first- or third-person perspective and on a variety of sides -- the Trade Federation's Droid Army, the later Empire or the Rebel Alliance. Gameplay follows a popular pattern: Its large battlefields are dotted with command posts, and your job is to run, fly or drive to one and occupy that position for about 30 seconds while blasting anybody who tries to take it back.

If you capture all the enemy's command posts or wipe out all its troops, you've won the battle. Battlefront features most of the flicks' settings, including the snowbound trenches of Hoth, Tatooine's deserts, the jungles of Yavin and Cloud City's towers, and just about every Star Wars vehicle you might remember.

Hit the link above to read the full article.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Sunday October 17, 2004
Hamill Disgusted With SW Toy Prices

Star Wars star Mark Hamill is disgusted with the high prices the sci-fi trilogy's merchandise is being sold for and is urging fans to stop paying small fortunes for dolls and lunch boxes.

The actor, who played Luke Skywalker in the first three Star Wars movies, was horrified recently when he learned a pristine 12-inch doll of his character had been appraised by toy experts at a staggering $12,500.

"Why would it cost that much money? It's shameful. Something like $12,000 - that's just obscene," Hamill said.

"I used to defend the merchandise, and I still do to a certain extent, because there's a supply and demand, and the kids want to play with it and sleep on it and eat it for breakfast with the cereal. But you sort of remove yourself from the memorabilia just for your own piece of mind."

Hamill admits he too has been sucked in by the Star Wars merchandise craze at times.

"I have a few things, but, just as a note to potential burglars, they're in a warehouse, not in my house," he said.

"They (Star Wars costumiers) actually made a miniature Luke costume for my son Nathan, who is now 25. He looked so cute in this outfit as a toddler." Thanks to SouthFlorida for this news!

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Sunday October 17, 2004
Star Wars on DS

I'm sure you've heard by now, but Nintendo is coming out with their latest handheld gaming system, titled DS, which boasts two screens. Cubed3 posted an article on their site, offering some hope for Star Wars fans who will buy a DS:

If the talk is believed to be true, then we could well be seeing two very high profile franchises heading on to the forthcoming Dual Screen portable. The ones to look out for are new editions of Star Wars and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

Click here to read the full article, or here to visit the official Nintendo website.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Sunday October 17, 2004
Star Wars Trilogy Easter Egg

Thanks to the handy link to the special features site on the new Star Wars OT DVDs, I was able to research Star Wars easter eggs on the message boards. In case you don't know, an easter egg is a term for a hidden feature found on a DVD. Many DVDs have them, including the new Star Wars OT box set. In this case, the easter egg is a blooper reel, located on the fourth bonus features disk of the set. The bloopers aren't all that funny, but I suppose it's worth watching. There are a few good ones in there.

There are many ways to access the blooper reel:

DVD Player

Go to the game preview and stills section of the DVD. Highlight (don't click) the link that says something like "Exclusive Production Photos." Now, on your remote put in 11 and then enter. A small box next to R2D2 should light up yellow to tell you that you're on the right track. Now, press 3, enter, and then 8, enter. (Does THX 1138 ring a bell?) On some DVD players, you may have to push the 10+ button and then 1, etc. The blooper reel should start playing then.

On the PC

There are several ways to access the bloopers on your PC, depending on which DVD software you use to run it. The easiest is Windows Media Player. Just start playing the Empire of Dreams documentary, and then scroll down to title 38, and voila. However, for other programs, it takes a bit of practice. For WinDVD player, go to game preview and stills menu. Highlight the "Exclusive Production Photos" link, and then type in 11. Wait until the menu resets after the music ends, and press 3. Then, wait again until the menu resets and press 8. Hopefully the bloopers should start.


The final way, that I know of, is the Playstation2. Go to the game preview and stills menu, then highlight the "Exclusive Production Photos" menu. Press select to get the options, and press 11, enter, 3, enter, and then 8. The bloopers should then begin to play.

I don't know yet of any other ways to get the easter eggs, or if there are any more left to be found. To my knowledge, there are no deleted scenes easter eggs. If any of these instructions are wrong or if I worded them badly, please e-mail me and I'll fix it right away.

Good luck, and happy viewing!

Posted by: Gingitsune