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Archived News
October 2004
Week 2

Saturday October 09, 2004
KOTOR II: Korriban Planet Preview

IGN posted a great preview of the planet Korriban for the yet-to-be-released Knights of the Old Republic II:

Korriban is a graveyard world that has died twice -- once when it served as the burial grounds of the ancient lords of the Sith, and again, when the end of the Jedi Civil War brought death to Korriban. There are half-whispered rumors and speculations of what took place on Korriban after Malak's defeat -- some claim that the remaining Sith Lords fought amongst themselves for control, while others claim that the Republic itself attacked Korriban and destroyed the Sith Academy on its surface. Whatever the case, there are few in the Republic willing to speak of it, and there are no Sith remaining to ask what transpired there.

All that remain on Korriban's surface are beasts and echoes, ghosts of the dead that still walk and whisper the ancient teachings of the Sith. To touch down within its windswept canyons and blood-red skies is to be filled with a sense of unease - then a slow dread, as the evil of Korriban begins to take hold. There are also tales of dark side beasts, the Hssiss, that now stalk its surface, and even more sinister dangers lurking within hidden tombs within the Valley of the Sith Lords.

Once the staging ground of two empires, now Korriban belongs only to the dead -- and their secrets.

Sounds ridiculously awesome. Be sure to click the link above to read the full article.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Friday October 08, 2004
C-3PO Elected to Robot Hall of Fame

Carnegie Mellon University has put out a press release detailing the following regarding their second annual Robot Hall of Fame Induction:

Carnegie Mellon co-hosts second annual Robot Hall of Fame induction

EVENT: Carnegie Mellon University and The Carnegie Science Center kick off the 25th-anniversary celebration of the university's Robotics Institute as they co-host the second annual Robot Hall of Fame (RHOF) induction ceremony. Robots to be honored include Honda's humanoid robot ASIMO; Shakey, the first mobile robot to reason about its actions, developed by SRI International; Astro Boy, a Japanese animation of a robot with a soul; Robby the Robot, from MGM's 1956 science-fiction epic "Forbidden Planet"; and C-3PO, from the Star Wars series. The robots or their representatives will be present to receive their awards. Celebrated attendees will include actor Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO in all six Star Wars films, as well as ASIMO and Robby the Robot.

Speakers include: Carnegie Mellon Simon University Professor Raj Reddy, founding director of the Robotics Institute; James H. Morris, dean of Carnegie Mellon's West Coast Campus who founded the Robot Hall of Fame; and Carnegie Mellon University Professor Takeo Kanade, second director of the Robotics Institute.

WHEN: October 11, 2004 * 4:00 p.m. - ASIMO demonstration: Honda's humanoid robot, ASIMO will demonstrate its capabilities. * 5:00 p.m. - Press Conference: Panel speakers will be available to speak with the media. * 7:30 p.m. - Awards Ceremony

WHERE: Carnegie Science Center, One Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh. In recognition of the increasing benefits robots are bringing to society, Carnegie Mellon established the Robot Hall of Fame in 2003 to honor noteworthy robots, both real and fictional, along with their creators. The new inductees join the Mars Pathfinder Sojourner robot; Unimate, the first industrial robot; R2-D2, from the Star Wars trilogy; and HAL, the robotic computer in the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey."

For more information on the Robot Hall of Fame see:

Fans in the Pittsburgh area might want to check this one out! Thanks to JediNet for this news.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday October 07, 2004
Darth Vader Mugs Pizza Man

Darth Vader walks among us, and he's not in a happy mood.

That's according to Kissimmee, Fla., authorities, who reported over the weekend that a pizza deliveryman was nearly robbed by an imposing figure dressed as the "Star Wars" bad guy.

"This is a criminal mind trying to think of things to do to victimize people," Osceola County Deputy Sheriff Al Dearmas told WFTV-TV of Orlando.

The deliveryman brought a pizza to a Kissimmee address Sunday night, said Dearmas, only to find no one home. He got back into his car to drive away, when Darth Vader, mask, black outfit and all, suddenly materialized. In a presumably commanding voice, the evil Sith Lord ordered the deliveryman to give up all his cash. The pizza man hit the gas and sped off, but not before getting a good zap from what may have been a laser blaster, a light saber or perhaps just a stun gun.

"Thank God nothing happened to the victim," Dearmas told the TV station. "We are very fortunate for that. But things could have been much worse," he added, possibly considering the awesome power of the Dark Side.

The call ordering the pizza was made from a pay phone at a drugstore around the corner. "We were able to obtain some fingerprints from the pay phone, and we have sent [them] out to ... see if we can have a match," said Dearmas.

Tipsters are urged to call the Osceola County Sheriff's Office, and maybe Obi-Wan Kenobi as well.

Thanks to FoxNews for this news.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday October 07, 2004
Episode III: 10th Hyperspace Video Doc

The Official Sites Hyperspace has released the tenth video documentary on the making of Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith. I've posted a few of the interesting things seen in this video:

Spoilers - Highlight to read:

1) You do see Palpatine's stunt double packing a lightsaber, so I guess that confirms the Yoda / Palpatine lightsaber duel theory.

2) We see on the monitor screen on the stage a shot of Anakin sitting in a Jedi Council chair, so I guess Palpatine's influence does end up getting Anakin a place on the Council. Looks like a really serious and moody shot too.

3) Another quick glimpse of a monitor shows a fully completed Mustafar shot with Anakin swinging in mid air lightsaber in hand. You've got a dark forboding mountainous backdrop with an orange glow near the horizon, lava everywhere, and a dark green/grey noxious looking cloudy sky. This place looks nasty.

4) You also get a glimpse of the Obi-Wan & Anakin vs Dooku duel which looks very reminiscent of the Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan vs Maul duel, it's looking real good. It looks like he's kicking both their arses. There's a real nice shot with Dooku kicking back at Anakin and Obi-Wan is being lifted up on a wire as if to simulate Dooku holding him up in the air using the Force. Looks like the end duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan isn't the only duel that's going to rock our world come May 2005.

5) There's also a shot of Palpatine sat in that familiar chair, in what looks to be his private war room, the one that is added to his offices on Coruscant. He swivels the chair around to greet Anakin who enters this darkened inner sanctum. You first see the shot complete with background and then it blends into a bluescreen shot of just Palpatine and his chair and Anakin, so I presume it's showing you how they're adding stuff to scenes they've already shot in Sydney. Oh, and Palpatine's chair has already got those trademark orange lit buttons on the armrest.

If you're a member of Hyperspace, click here to watch the video. Really great stuff!

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday October 07, 2004
Van Ling Chat Tomorrow

The Official Star Wars Site has announced another Hyperspace chat for tomorrow! Now that you've explored the Star Wars Trilogy DVD, and perhaps revisited your Episode I and II DVDs, Hyperspace brings Star Wars fans the opportunity to chat with an essential team-member that helped put together each of these amazing releases. Producer Van Ling will be online this Friday to field question from members of Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club.

When Lucasfilm first began producing Star Wars DVDs, they sought out the best talents in the field. Van Ling served as technical producer on Episode I, II and the newly released Star Wars Trilogy DVD set. He produced the amazing full motion menu designs that take viewers directly into the Star Wars galaxy. To that end, he has digitally constructed incredibly detailed and layered environments, choosing three distinct worlds for each film DVD, as well as even more for the DVD bonus discs.

You can read about Ling's work in the latest issue of Star Wars Insider.

Van Ling will be online this Friday, October 8 at 2:30 p.m. U.S. Pacific time (5:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern time). Please note that last minute schedule changes may happen, and that although hundreds of questions are often submitted, not all can be answered. These online chats are held in the Online Chats and Schedule Forum, available only to members of Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club.

Posted by: Jedi Power

Wednesday October 06, 2004
Episode III: The First Seven Minutes

The first 7 minutes of Episode III (in it's completed form!!) has been shown to TV execs, as Variety reports:

As the 20th Mipcom TV mart kicked off Monday, international TV execs declared business had definitely taken a turn for the better. Extra fizz at the decidedly glitzier market -- determined revelers could have attended 15 hours of cocktail parties Monday -- was provided Sunday by a seven-minute teaser of George Lucas' upcoming "Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith," followed by a swank party....

Hit the link above to read the full article.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Tuesday October 05, 2004
Upcoming Film: 5-25-77

The Chicago News Sun has posted an article about the film 5-25-77, an upcoming independent film written and directed by Patrick Read Johnson about a young man's efforts to see Star Wars on opening day:

Set in the Lake County of 1977 on the day Star Wars opened to the public and influenced a generation, the film found itself at Six Flags Great America on Friday, filming scenes of teen workers flirting across the midway at the County Fair Games Gallery.

The daylong shoot utilized more than 100 extras, including students from Waukegan High School and a middle school in Rockford. Off-duty firefighters and a pumper from the Newport Township Fire Protection District were also on hand to provide artificial rain on Friday's increasingly cloudy, but dry morning.

Click on the link above to read the full article. Quite fascinating!

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Tuesday October 05, 2004
Replica Stormtrooper Helmets Available

Andrew Ainsworth is a name that many prop collectors will be familiar with, but to those who don't know he is the man, whom in 1976, single-handedly created the helmets of many of the Empire's forces that we saw in Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. Today he has dusted off the original moulds and is re-fabricating the Hero and Stunt Trooper helmets. These helmets are made from the exact same mould as those seen on screen and are finished to the precise standards of George Lucas. You can check out his work at Shepperton Design Studios and even own an affordable "new" original helmet, nearly thirty years on from when they first appeared in cinemas around the world. Source: RebelScum

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Tuesday October 05, 2004
Episode III: ROTS Trading Cards

IDontFear posted an interesting picture of a selection of cards from the Topps Revenge Of The Sith Trading card set. Now the images themselves aren't really much any of us spoiler junkies haven't seen before, however the backs of these cards feature a cusory plot outline of the story. Below is the title of each card, along with the summary (what's on the back) of it as well.

Card One:
Title:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Galactic Conquest
Summary:Spoiler - Highlight to read:As a gravely concerned Yoda surmised, the Clone War has begun. Beings from across the galaxy are drawn into this devastation conflict, forced to choose sides as the emergency escalates. It isn't long before the Seperatist space fleet engages Republic forces in a spectacular battle high above Coruscant.

Card Two:
Title:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Ace Starpilot Skywalker
Summary:Spoiler - Highlight to read:A remarkable child first brought to the attention of the Jedi Council by Qui-Gon Jinn, young Anakin Skywalker continues to amaze everyone. Skywalker has become one of the Republic's greatest defenders, often displaying legendary piloting skills in battles against the Seperatist Forces.

Card Three:
Title:Spoiler - Highlight to read:A Dark Awakening
Summary:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Ever since their first meeting on Tatooine, Padme Amidala's destiny has been tied to Anakin Skywalker. Now secretly married, Anakin's moody and volatile ways frighten the young Senator. In her Coruscant apartment, she awakens one night to find that a troubled, sleepless Anakin has left their bed.

Card Four:
Title:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Palpatine's Protege
Summary:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Ever since he was a child. Jedi hero Anakin Skywalker has been watched very closely by his trusted mentor, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Now, as the Clone War ends, Palpatine helps Anakin secure a place on the Jedi Council.

Card Five:
Title:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Anakin and the Jedi Council
Summary:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Anakin Skywalker finds his loyalties divided between the Jedi Council and his trusted mentor, Palpatine. Even as a distraught Padme tries to help Anakin deal with his conflicting emotions, the young Jedi is in a quandary, pulled more and more into the beguiling embrace of the dark side.

Card Six:
Title:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Mace Windu's Concerns
Summary:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Samuel L. Jackson, who as Mace Windu, discusses his growing concerns about Palpatine with the other members of the Jedi Council, appeared opposite John Travolta in which classic film?

Card Seven:
Title:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Yoda's Discovery
Summary:Spoiler - Highlight to read:In the Jedi Archives, Yoda learns the painful truth behind recent events, including who's responsible for the Jedi Order's most devastating loss. Young Luke Skywalker first encountered the Young Jedi Master on what planet?

Card Eight:
Title:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Fear for the Future
Summary:Spoiler - Highlight to read:Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa look on with convern as medical droids fight to save the life of a comrade. Bail Organa is portrayed by what former NYPD Blue star?

Hit the link above to view the image.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Monday October 04, 2004
GameSpot's KOTOR II Review

Gamespot has posted an article written by Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords' lead game designer, Chris Avellone, in which he discusses the challenges and rewards that the design team went through in creating the game. Avellone writes:

Crafting a story for a game like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords generally involves a lot of caffeine and stress--and details. But in the end, it's not much different from how we went about constructing stories at Black Isle Studios or how we currently construct them here at Obsidian. Doing a sequel to the amazing story BioWare developed for the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a challenging task, and it certainly creates its share of pressures. But in the end, the process for creating the story remains the same. What's listed below isn't everything, but it's a general outline of the process we use when doing stories at Obsidian Entertainment.

The article also serves as a preview for the game, which is set to debut on the PC and Xbox gaming platforms in February 2005.

To read the entire article, click here.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Sunday October 03, 2004
Custom Star Wars Controllers

Something new to add to your holiday shopping list: Star Wars video game accessories! As revealed on a press release at Yahoo! and reported on by IGN, Intec has just made a deal with LucasFilm Licensing that will keep the Star Wars empire on top of the video game world for good.

September 30, 2004 - Game accessory manufacturer Intec announced today that it has entered into agreement with Lucasfilm to create a range of Star Wars-branded video game controllers. The first controllers will be available for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox this holiday season, with additional controllers planned for future LucasArts titles, including the Episode III game expected in May

Intec also promises to introduce "new videogame technologies" next year, set to be embedded in future Star Wars controllers and designed with specific Star Wars games in mind. Just what will these new technologies comprise? We'll have to wait and see

The "new technologies" references the press release, which leaves room for some interesting possibilities:

Intec, who will be developing a whole suite of specialized Star Wars-branded controllers, including wireless controllers, will introduce new video game technologies in 2005, which will be embedded in Intec's new Star Wars controllers slated for early next year. These new technologies will heighten gamers' experiences while they play best-selling Star Wars games.

So, will this be a wireless BlasTech blaster linked to the game? Will it be a wireless Thermal Detonator that you can hurl at your screen? Or ... could it be a wireless lightsaber, the civilized and elegant weapon of every Jedi Knight? Stay tuned as we watch these developments closely. Thanks to JediNet for this news.

Posted by: Rebel Racer