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Galactic News

Sunday May 25, 2003
The Padawan Post #57

The latest Padawan Post has arrived and here are some features for you to enjoy:

Ep III News
This summer, the cast and crew of Star Wars: Episode III will be in place to make the final film of the Star Wars saga. As the last installment of the prequel trilogy, Ep III promises to bridge the story of the Skywalker family, as the Anakin we've known for four years transitions to the dark Sith - Darth Vader - we've known for 25 years. So, as we rapidly approach principal photography (filming the movie), what's going on behind the scenes right now? This first installment of "Ep III News" on highlights some of the cast and crews hard at work on Episode III. Click here to go there.

Star Wars Trivia Games
Four new trivia games have just debuted, each reflecting Star Wars current events. "Knowing Chewbacca" is a fun way to challenge your knowledge about the Wookiee who was recently announced to be appearing in Ep III. "The Women in Star Wars" is in honor of Mother's Day this Sunday. "SW Weekends '03" is a celebration of the fun that will soon be launching at Disney-MGM Studios, as well as a chance to see how much you know about it. "Cloaks & Capes" is in honor of Trisha Biggar, Ep III Costume Supervisor. Click here to play all four now!

On-Going ~ Padawan of the Week
Each week one Padawan is honored as the "Padawan of the Week" for their participation in the Viewscreen communities. The Viewscreens are kid-safe message boards where participants discuss all aspects of Star Wars. These Padawans are especially recognized for their interesting Star Wars questions and comments, their friendly debate skill, and their welcoming spirit to all new participants. The Padawan Post is proud to highlight recent honorees,

May 8, from the Saga Talk Viewscreen: "Ben wanted Luke to find out about his father on his own. I mean, you don't just go up to a person and tell him that his father is the most dreaded Imperial in the galaxy! Not to mention he is one of the few Sith lords."
~ Padawan LYNBETH10

May 1, from the Saga Talk Viewscreen: "2 Siri12: What makes you think Anakin was easily persuaded to the dark side?"
~ Padawan The Anonymous Space Pirate

Click here to learn more about the Viewscreens and the Padawan of the Week award.


Posted: by Jedi Power