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Galactic News

Wednesday July 16, 2003
The Padawan Post #58

This Padawan Post is a little late in being posted, but there are still some features for you to enjoy:

Review Star Wars Books!
Summer is a great time to read great books. Whether you have never read a Star Wars book or you have read many, challenge yourself this summer to dive even further into the Star Wars universe by reading stories featuring your favorite characters and their many adventures. This new feature is your opportunity to review your favorite Star Wars books. We hope that you will be encouraged to read even more!

Your review and others will be published in a new feature available in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned to the 'What's New' page in -- and keep an eye out for your next Padawan Post -- for the debut! Click here to submit a review now.

"Boba Fett" Author to Answer Your Questions
We know you love Boba Fett and love reading about his challenging and exciting experiences that take place after the events of Episode II. Here is your chance to ask the author about young Boba and her experience writing the series. Elizabeth Hand, author of "Maze Of Deception" (Star Wars: Boba Fett, Book 3) and the forthcoming Book 4, wants to answer your questions. If you love to do creative writing and want to know how a professional does it, or if you are a fan with an inquiring mind, click the link below to take advantage of this fun opportunity. Click here to ask Elizabeth.

Star Wars Summer Fun
School's out and there's so much to do... like have a Star Wars movie marathon, read Star Wars books, make Star Wars food, play Star Wars games, and work on your Star Wars toy collection. Check out the activities in this special area of "What's New" and check back often to keep you going all summer long. Just remember... Wherever you are this summer, is there. Click here for summer fun.

The "Which Film Is It?" Game
So, how many times have you seen the films of the saga? Whether you have a particular favorite or you love them equally, this fun game will challenge your memory of key and low-key scenes from all the Star Wars films. To play, simply look at an image and click on the correct film title. Ten new entries have just been added, bringing the total to more than 130 images to play with. Click here to play now.

On-Going ~ Padawan of the Week
Each week one Padawan is honored as the "Padawan of the Week" for their participation in the Viewscreen communities. The Viewscreens are kid-safe message boards where participants discuss all aspects of Star Wars. These Padawans are especially recognized for their interesting Star Wars questions and comments, their friendly debate skill, and their welcoming spirit to all new participants. The Padawan Post is proud to highlight recent honorees,

June 19, from the Padawan Viewscreen: "To Every1: I feel sad for Anakin/Vader...he betrayed the entire Jedi Order and became something he himself probably didn't like."
~ Padawan Ewani Tunuven

June 12, from the Saga Talk Viewscreen: "2 Qwi Kux: I'm sorry, I meant that Maul doesn't use the dark side of the Force and thus doesn't know the true power of the dark side of the Force as Vader knows it."
~ Padawan Kyle_K_87

June 5, from the Books & Toys Viewscreen: "2 queenjamilla: My mom always says things like, 'It's good you like SW but I want you to fit in more so no more talking about SW here at home or with friends.'"
~ Padawan Padme Amidala_1988

Click here to learn more about the Viewscreens and the Padawan of the Week award.


Posted: by Jedi Power