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Site of the Month

Here are the previous winners of the Galactic Voyage "Site of the Month!" If you would like for your site to be listed here, apply to be "Site of the Month!"

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July 2004

The Virtual Edition has been serving the on-line Star Wars community for over five years and many of you may remember them from when they were hosted by The site showcases fan art based on prequel spoilers, which ultimately leads to an illustrated plot of the movie long before it hits theaters. This gives fans a glimpse of what key scenes may possibly end up looking like. The site is also home to a first rate forum which focuses on serious and positive discussion of the franchise. Be sure to check them out!

June 2004

The Star Wars Combine is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing simulation game, based on the Star Wars universe, having been developed by amateurs during their spare time. Its purpose is to welcome and gather thousands of players inside the same game, creating an extremely rich gaming environment. The multitude of players generates an unlimited quantity of interactions between them and you get the implementation of existing mechanisms, from physics to economy, including politics, engineering, logic, and even socialization. This site is so massive, that it will take you a week to see it all. The highest recommendation is given and I hope that you will pay them a visit.

May 2004
No Site of the Month selected.

April 2004

Just Jedi is a really nice website that has a wealth of knowledge about the Jedi. There is information about the Jedi characters, the Force, Lightsabers, and more!. There are also wallpapers, a guestbook, and links. It may not be a mega-site, but it is very well done and I would recommend a visit today.

March 2004 is a cool website that has all you need to know about Jango Fett. There is also information about everyone's favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett. Learn about their weapons and armor, Slave 1, their allies and friends, and also about their mortal enemies. There are all kinds of production pictures and others like wallpapers, fan art, comic images, trading cards, toys, and more! also has sounds, a guestbook, links, and polls. Be sure to visit for all of your Jango Fett needs.

February 2004

The Tales from the Outer Rim sim or simulation is a cool role playing game that is played via Internet E-mail. It is a cooperative story-telling effort where each participant (player) creates and controls one or more characters in the story. The player's character then interacts in the game world environment. In the case of Tales from the Outer Rim, the setting is a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. The current time is just after Return of the Jedi and the fall of the Empire. The central location of the sim revolves around Tae'Karada and acts as an ode to all the dynamic, vivid locations already existing in the Star Wars universe. If you like simulation games, then you will enjoy Tales from the Outer Rim!

January 2004

Do you love Star Wars Galaxies? Then this is a cool place for you! has all the resources you need to keep you up to date. This new site features a unique GUI (Graphic User Interface) coupled with forums, player information, a creature datapad, a inventory datapad, a coordinate map plotter, a market, and more for Star Wars Galaxies fans and players. I believe this site really has a truly unique presentation that people will love to see. I would recommend a visit to today!