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Video Game Trailers and Scenes

Watch Star Wars video game trailers, cut scenes, and previews from the early vintage Star Wars games produced by LucasArts and many others to the lastest that the Star Wars universe has to offer! The games in this section are listed in order by the year they were released. Enjoy!

Star Wars Arcade Game (1983)
Game Play

Return of the Jedi Arcade Game (1984)
Game Play

Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle (1984)
Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle Commercial
Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle-Game Play

The Empire Strikes Back Arcade Game (1985)
Game Play

X-Wing (1993)
X-Wing Introduction (DOS)
Tour I Scene 1
Tour I Scene 2
Tour II Scene 1
Tour II Scene 2
Tour III Scene 1
Tour III Scene 2
Tour III Scene 3
Tour IV Scene 1
Tour IV Scene 2
Tour IV Scene 3
Tour IV Scene 4
Tour V Scene 1
Tour V Scene 2
Tour V Scene 3

TIE Fighter (1994)
TIE Fighter Introduction (DOS)
Admiral Harkov and Rebels
Admiral Harkov talks to Leaders
Vice Admiral Thrawn Oversees Repairs
Admiral Zaarin TIEs
Admiral Harkov Captured
Beam Weapon Development
Medal Ceremony
TIE Advanced Facilities
TIE Defenders
Thrawn Promoted
Cloaking Device
Endor Situation
Zaarin Destroyed

Dark Forces (1995)
Dark Forces Intro and Credits

Rebel Assault II-The Hidden Empire (1995)
Entire Game Video

Shadows of the Empire (1996)
Shadows of the Empire Commercial
Introduction and Part 1 Cutscenes
Part 2 Cutscenes

Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight (1997)
Opening Title Crawl and Scene
Double-Cross on Nar Shaddaa
The Lost Disk
The Return Home to Sulon
The Jedi's Lightsaber
Barons Hed-The Fallen City
Into the Dark Palace
Kyle Defeats Yun
8t88's Payment
Deactivated 8t88
Fuel Station Launch
The Arrival on Ruusan
Kyle vs. Maw
Kyle Kills Maw
Kyle Spares Jan-Light Side
Kyle Kills Jan-Dark Side
Kyle Crashes The Moldy Crow
The Valley of the Jedi-1
The Valley of the Jedi-2
Kyle Frees Jan
Kyle Meets Jerec
Kyle Defeats Jerec
Emperor Katarn-Dark Side Ending

Masters of Teräs Käsi (1997)
Masters of Teräs Käsi Introduction

Behind The Magic (1998)
Main Introduction
Character Section Introduction
Location Section Introduction
Technical Section Introduction

Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight-Mysteries of the Sith (1998)
Opening Title Crawl
New Republic Base on Altyr 5 Introduction
New Republic Base on Altyr 5 Ending
Asteroid Crust Introduction
Asteroid Crust Ending
Asteroid Core Introduction
Asteroid Core Ending
Self-Destruct and Escape
Ka'pa the Hutt's Palace
Ka'pa the Hutt's Palace Ending
Katraasii Space Port Introduction
Katraasii Space Port Ending
Katraasii Space Port-Part B Ending
Takara's Stronghold Ending
New Republic Ship Introduction
New Republic Ship Ending
Orbiting Ship Yards Introduction
Orbiting Ship Yards Ending
Kaerobani's Base Introduction

Rebellion (1998)
(Cutscenes available in English and German)
Opening Title Crawl and Introduction
Playing as Rebels Introduction
Playing as Empire Introduction
Destruction of Yavin
Bombing of Rebel Headquarters
Liberation of Coruscant
Sabotage the Death Star
Rebels Win-Destruction of the Executor
Empire Wins-The Alliance is Beaten
Rebels Win-The Empire is Beaten
Empire Wins-Destruction of Home One
Successful Death Star Trench Run

The Gungan Frontier (1999)
The Gungan Frontier Commercial

Pit Droids (1999)
Pit Droids Introduction

Demolition (2000)
Demolition Introduction

Force Commander (2000)
Introduction and The Battle of Kalaan
Reaching Tatooine
Leaving Kenobi's House for Ruul
Sarapin Burning
Brothers Bid Farewell
Amassing Near Hoth
A Fateful Reunion

Jedi Power Battles (2000)
Jedi Power Battles Commercial
Jedi Power Battles Introduction

Galactic Battlegrounds (2001)
Galactic Battlegrounds Trailer

Rogue Squadron II-Rogue Leader (2001)
Rogue Leader TV Commercial

Starfighter (2001)
Starfighter Trailer

Bounty Hunter (2002)
Teaser Trailer
Bounty Hunter Trailer 1
Bounty Hunter Trailer 2
Bounty Hunter TV Commercial
Opening Title Crawl and Count Dooku
Dead or Alive Meeko
An Invitation to a Hunt
Lowlifes in High Places
A More Subtle Approach
Slipping Into Oovo IV
Let's See What She Can Do
I've Got Other Plans
The Hutt Connection
She's Called Slave 1
It's just Business Old Buddy

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (2002)
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Trailer
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Trailer 2
Opening Title Crawl and Introduction
Setbacks & Recon
Artus Prime
Mine Sabotage
Pinned Down
Dark Jedi
Valley of the Jedi
Skywalker's Academy
Trials & Leads
Nar Shaddaa Cantina
Cell Calrissian
Reelo Baruk
Enroute to Bespin
Kyle vs. Tavion
Cairn Installation
Thickening Plot
Rogue Squadron

Jedi Starfighter (2002)
Jedi Starfighter Trailer
Jedi Starfighter Commercial

The Clone Wars (2002)
The Clone Wars Trailer

The New Droid Army (2002)
The New Droid Army Trailer

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (2003)
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Trailer
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Trailer 2
Opening Title Crawl and Introduction
Massassi Temple
Jedi Academy
Core Force Abilities
Merchant Rescue

Knights of the Old Republic (2003)
Knights of the Old Republic Trailer 1
Knights of the Old Republic Trailer 2
Knights of the Old Republic Trailer 3

Rogue Squadron III-Rebel Strike (2003)
Opening Title Crawl and Revenge Of The Empire
Defiance On Dantooine
Defenders of Ralltiir
Extraction From Ralltiir
Trials of a Jedi
Raid At Bakura
Raid At Bakura (Hard Ending)
Relics of Geonosis
Deception At Destrillion
Guns of Dubrillion
Fondor Shipyard Assault
Attack on the Executor

Star Wars Galaxies (2003)
Galaxies Teaser
An Empire Divided Trailer
An Empire Divided Trailer 2
An Empire Divided Trailer 3
Jump to Lightspeed Trailer 1
Jump to Lightspeed Trailer 2

Battlefront (2004)
Battlefront Trailer 1
Battlefront Trailer 2

Knights of the Old Republic II (2004)
Knights of the Old Republic II Trailer
Opening Title Crawl and Introduction

Battlefront II (2005)
Battlefront II E3 Trailer
Battlefront II Trailer

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Trailer
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Trailer 2
Revenge of the Sith TV Commercial 1

Lego Star Wars (2005)
Lego Star Wars Trailer
(For cutscenes see Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga)

Republic Commando (2005)
Republic Commando Trailer
Republic Commando Trailer 2

Empire at War (2006)
Empire at War Trailer
Empire at War Trailer 2
Forces of Corruption Trailer
Forces of Corruption-Arsenal Trailer
Forces of Corruption-Corruption Trailer
Forces of Corruption-Tyber Zann Trailer

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (2006)
Lego Star Wars II Trailer

Lethal Alliance (2006)
Lethal Alliance Trailer
Lethal Alliance Trailer 2

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (2007)
Lego Star Wars-Complete Saga Trailer
Lego Star Wars-Episode I-Chapter 1
Lego Star Wars-Episode I-Chapter 2
Lego Star Wars-Episode I-Chapter 3
Lego Star Wars-Episode I-Chapter 4
Lego Star Wars-Episode I-Chapter 5
Lego Star Wars-Episode I-Chapter 6
Lego Star Wars-Episode I-Chapter 7
Lego Star Wars-Episode I-Ending
Lego Star Wars-Episode II-Chapter 1
Lego Star Wars-Episode II-Chapter 2
Lego Star Wars-Episode II-Chapter 3
Lego Star Wars-Episode II-Chapter 4
Lego Star Wars-Episode II-Chapter 5
Lego Star Wars-Episode II-Chapter 6
Lego Star Wars-Episode II-Ending
Lego Star Wars-Episode III-Chapter 1
Lego Star Wars-Episode III-Chapter 2
Lego Star Wars-Episode III-Chapter 3
Lego Star Wars-Episode III-Chapter 4
Lego Star Wars-Episode III-Chapter 5

Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (2007)
Battlefront-Renegade Squadron Trailer
TV Commercial
Battlefront-Renegade Squadron Customization Trailer

Jedi Academy Modification - Knights of the Force (2008)
Knights of the Force Ultimate Trailer

Star Wars Retrospective (2008)
Star Wars Retrospective-Episode I
Star Wars Retrospective-Episode II
Star Wars Retrospective-Episode III
Star Wars Retrospective-Episode IV
Star Wars Retrospective-Episode V
Star Wars Retrospective-Episode VI
Star Wars Retrospective-Episode VII
Star Wars Retrospective-Episode VIII
Star Wars Retrospective-Episode IX
Star Wars Retrospective-Episode X

The Force Unleashed (2008)
The Force Unleashed E3 Trailer
Web Doc 3-Unleashing the Tech
Web Doc 4-The TFU Experience
The Force Unleashed-Vader Unleashed
A New Chapter: The Story of the Force Unleashed
The Force Unleashed Trailer
The Force Unleashed Trailer-Game Trailers Exclusive
Opening Title Crawl and Attack on Kashyyyk
The Search for Kota
Mission to Raxus Prime
The Last of the Jedi Masters
Tracking Kota
Contact on Kashyyyk
Return to Felucia
Back to Raxus
Birth of a Rebellion
Alternate Dark Side Ending

The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels (2008)
Lightsaber Duels Trailer
Lightsaber Duels-Slice and Dice Commercial
Lightsaber Duels-Clone Wars Movie Deleted Scene

The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes (2009)
Republic Heroes Trailer
Game Play Video #1
Game Play Video #2
Game Play Video #3
Game Play Video #4
Game Play Video #5
Control A Super Battle Droid Trailer

Battlefront: Elite Squadron (2009)
DS Game Play Video #1
DS Game Play Video #2
PSP Game Play Video #1
PSP Game Play Video #2
PSP Game Play Video #3
PSP Game Play Video #4
Battlefront: Elite Squadron Webdoc
Battlefront: Elite Squadron-CG Trailer

The Clone Wars Adventures (2010)
The Clone Wars Adventures Trailer

The Force Unleashed II (2010)
The Force Unleashed II-Teaser Trailer
Subject 1157 Trailer
E3 2010: Exclusive Betrayal Cinematic Trailer
The Force Unleashed II-Launch Trailer
Walls TV Commercial
Snow TV Commercial
Robot Chicken Star Wars III: The Force Unleashed II TV Commercial
Opening Title Crawl and Introduction
Flight From Kamino
Public Transportation
The Giant

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (2011)
E3 2010: Announce Trailer
Web Documentary #1: Introduction
Web Documentary #2: Ground Battle Walkthrough
Web Documentary #3: Voice Over
Launch Trailer
Little Clone Trooper-TV Commercial
CHARGE-TV Commercial

The Old Republic (2011)
Video Documentary 1
Video Documentary 2
Developer Dispatch 1-The Making of Tython
Developer Dispatch 2-Diverse Worlds
Developer Dispatch 3-The Republic Trooper
Developer Dispatch 4-The Making of Coruscant
Developer Dispatch 5-Returning to Taris
Developer Dispatch 6-Designing the Dark Side
Developer Dispatch 7-Music of The Old Republic
The Old Republic Walkthrough-Gamescom 2009
Taral V Walkthrough-Pax East 2011
GameTrailers Exclusive-Combat Developer Diary
Sith Warrior Class Video
E3 Deceived Cinematic Trailer

E3 2010: Hope of Alderaan Cinematic Trailer
E3 2010: Player Ships in The Old Republic
E3 2010: Bounty Hunter Armor Progression
Jedi Knight Progression
Sith Warrior Progression
Trooper Progression
Bounty Hunter Trailer
Fate of the Galaxy Trailer
Sith Inquisitor Trailer
E3 2011: Return Cinematic Intro

Star Wars Kinect (2012)
E3 2011: Trailer
Star Wars Kinect Gameplay Trailer
Star Wars Kinect Girly Vader Trailer
Star Wars Kinect Duel Trailer

Star Wars: Commander (2014)
Star Wars: Commander Trailer
Star Wars: Commander-Worlds in Conflict Trailer

Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)
Star Wars Battlefront–Free Game Updates Trailer

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