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Galactic News

Sunday September 29, 2002
The Padawan Post #44

The latest Padawan Post has arrived and here are some features for you to enjoy:

Why You Collect Star Wars Books & Toys
Collecting is an activity that unites Star Wars fans of all ages. A few weeks ago asked the question, Why do you collect Star Wars books and toys? Replies poured in from young collectors around the world, providing insight into their collections, their motivations and their extreme love of Star Wars. This fun feature presents a collection of those replies and attempts to show what a typical Star Wars kid's room might look like! Click here to see if this room is like yours.

Ask A Toy Maker
Look closely at your Star Wars toys... action figures, building sets. Now is your chance to wonder out loud, How did they make that? Why did they choose to make this vehicle and not a different one? Whatever question you may have for a Star Wars toy maker, simply submit it to Some of the most interesting questions will be answered by the makers of your favorite Star Wars toys, and then presented in an up-coming feature on Click here to ask a toy maker.

The Survey
Many of you have been learning from and playing in for a couple of years, while others have only recently begun to hang-out in this section of the Star Wars universe. No matter who you are, we want to know what you think would make a better web site. We're also curious what kind of fan you are. These are just some of the kid-friendly topics presented in this short, online survey. Please take a few minutes to reply. Click here to tell us what you think.

The Galactic Color-Bot
OK, Padawans. School has been in session for a few weeks and you've been doing a great job of exercising the left side of your brain. That's the side of your brain that is logical and orderly. Now it's time to pay some attention to the right side of your brain - Star Wars style. The right side of your brain processes creative and visual stimulation... a perfect fit for the Galactic Color-Bot. This online coloring program has recently been enhanced with an "Undo / Redo" tool and new features in the Images palette, too. Check 'em out. Click here to paint Jango, Yoda, Dooku and more.


Posted: by Jedi Power