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Galactic News

Saturday September 14, 2002
The Padawan Post #43

The latest Padawan Post has arrived and here are some features for you to enjoy:

Ep II Back-To-School E-Cards
Do Padawans make the best students? Consider Luke Skywalker... a good student but a little impatient according to Master Yoda. In the end he proved to be an excellent student. Consider Luke's father, Anakin Skywalker... a good student but a little arrogant according to Master Kenobi. In the end he proved to be... well, you know the story. Now consider your friends... good students who deserve to receive Ep II Back-To-School E-cards. Additional e-cards span the Star Wars saga. Click here to view and e-mail to your friends.

Spelling Star Wars Words
Is this how "Coruscant" is spelled? Should "clone trooper" be capitalized? Who cares? You do! As part of your Padawan training, you'll benefit from knowing the correct spelling of the unique words of the Star Wars universe. Many of you type them into your Viewscreen messages, while others of you insert them into your own creative writing. From now on type "Kaminoans" with confidence, and argue about "Darth Sidious" with authority. More than two hundred words are listed alphabetically for your reference. Feel free to copy and paste into your Viewscreen messages. Click here to be a spelling bee.

Ep II Back-To-School Bookmarks
Do you need the Force while doing your homework? Then tuck a Jedi bookmark between the pages of your history book, math book and science book! Five Ep II bookmarks feature some of your favorite Ep II characters. Twenty-three additional bookmarks feature creatures and characters from Ep I and the original trilogy. Print some for yourself and for your friends, too! These bookmarks are sure to crack smiles and books! Click here to view and print.

Padawan of the Week Certificate
There are three kid-safe message boards in and they are called Viewscreens. In the spirit of acknowledging Viewscreen participants for their online communication manners and their ability to present well-thought questions, comments and debates with their fellow Padawans, has begun to award a Padawan of the Week. This person will be chosen because they represent the best of the Viewscreen communities. If you use the Viewscreens, the honor could be yours! Congratulations to Padawan Jaina Solo for being the first recipient of this printable award! Click here to learn more!

Viewscreen Topic of the Week: Are Your New Teachers Like Star Wars Characters?
A new school year means new teachers. Sometimes you get great teachers, sometimes you get almost-great teachers. Of the characters listed below, which, if any, best represent one of your new teachers? Leia: Leads the group effectively. Chewbacca: Good but growls a lot. Yoda: Every lesson is important. Ep II Obi-Wan: New at the job. Anyone else? Tell us about it. Click here to respond to the Padawan Viewscreen Topic of the Week.


Posted: by Jedi Power