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Galactic News

Friday September 6, 2002
The Padawan Post #42

The latest Padawan Post has arrived and here are some features for you to enjoy:

Expert Star Wars Collectors Explain Why
Star Wars toys first emerged in 1978. For the kids and teenagers of the time, Star Wars and Star Wars toys were totally new, totally unlike any other film or toys before. The excitement of Star Wars inspired many kids to begin collecting anything and everything Star Wars. You may be having the same experience with Ep I and Ep II collectibles; now imagine collecting Star Wars stuff for the next 25 years! Many of the original collectors still collect today and have grown up to become experts about Star Wars collectibles. A few were asked to explain why they started and why they continue. Click here to learn from the masters.

Geonosis Hangar Action Figure Background
Anakin: "You're going to pay for all the Jedi that you killed today, Dooku."
Obi-Wan to Anakin: "We'll take him together - you go in slowly on the left..."
Anakin: "No, I'm taking him now!" Obi-Wan: "No! Anakin, no! NO!"
And thus begins one of the greatest scenes of Jedi action in the Star Wars saga. This new action figure background sets the stage for your toys and your imagination to recreate this climactic scene or to create your own version. Just beware the dark side of the Force. Click here to view and print.

Darth Vader: Anakin's Destiny or Obi-Wan's Fault?
This week's topic is based on an Ep II debate between Padawans Anakin's #1 fan and Obi-Wan's #1fan. Anakin's #1 fan says, "I think it was partly Obi-Wan's fault that Anakin ends up turning to the dark side. Obi-Wan was not a very good Jedi Master." Obi-Wan's #1fan replies, "What do you mean? Obi-Wan taught him very well! I don't think anything could've saved Anakin; it was destiny for him to turn..." What do YOU think? Click here to get in the game.

The Star Wars Reference Gallery
Fun fact from the Reference Gallery: "Count Dooku was once a highly regarded Jedi Master, but following the Battle of Naboo he left the Order and returned to his homeworld of Serenno and family title of Count. Dooku's substantial strength in the Force was well-known amongst the Jedi and there were rumors that he experimented with Sith teachings, using a dark Holocron kept in the Jedi Archives." With more than 200 images and fun fact captions in the Gallery, you can tour to learn more about your favorite characters, scenes, droids and technology of the Star Wars saga. Consider it your own Jedi Archive. Click here to launch the fun.

Posted: by Jedi Power