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Archived News
November 2004
Week 5

Tuesday November 30, 2004
Wattographs gets Mark Hamill

This news comes from the Wattographs newsletter.

"Yes, that's right. Luke Skywalker himself in an extremely rare autograph signing for Wattographs. Unlike another site which is pitching a Mark Hamill signing as an exclusive (and more expensive than we are), this is your chance to add an authentic Hamill signature on a Luke Skywalker photo to your collection. We have several photo choices available and a special limited-edition image signed by both Hamill and Carrie Fisher!"

Check out the details at Wattographs!

Posted by: Jedi Power

Monday November 29, 2004
Five questions with One-Man 'Star Wars'

Canadian actor Charles Ross, 30, is a "Star Wars" fanatic. He has seen each film hundreds of times; he knows them line by line.

Some of those lines have made it into his solo tour de force, "The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy," in which Ross squeezes George Lucas' classic flicks into 55 minutes -- complete with character impressions, key dialogue, sound effects and battle re-enactments. Having enjoyed a successful run in Chicago last year, he's returning on Monday to begin a stint at the Apollo Theater. He spoke with us from his home near British Columbia.

Q: You're now an official spokesman for Lucasfilm and the upcoming "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith." How did that happen?

A: They heard about me for the first time when I was in Chicago last year and asked me to send a video. And we started talking. But it wasn't till around May of this last year that we figured out that I should come to Comic-Con in San Diego and do a little promo for myself. And things have just gotten better and better. I'm going to Celebration III [an Indianapolis-based "Star Wars" convention] in April and I'll be performing five times over four days.

Click here to read the full article and see the rest of the Q&A at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Monday November 29, 2004
Lucas Wants Holiday Special Banned

Star Wars creator George Lucas wants his first sequel to be banned, as it is so embarrassingly poor.

The Star Wars Holiday Special was broadcast in 1978 on the CBS network and followed Chewbacca's journey home with Hans Solo to celebrate Life Day with his family.

A high point of the film is a scene in which Princess Leia reduces Solo and Luke Skywalker to tears with a heart-rending song.

IMDB quotes a source at Lucasfilm as saying: "The Holiday Special was the biggest f***-up ever. The Force was definitely not with Mr. Lucas the day that doozy was born."

If you haven't seen it yet, the Star Wars Holiday Special can be downloaded from Blue Harvest by right-clicking here, and saving it to your computer. Enjoy!

Posted by: Rebel Racer