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Archived News
November 2004
Week 2

Saturday November 13, 2004
EPIII: Revenge of the Sith Video Game

Reuters posted some news on the upcoming Episode III video game:

LucasArts, the video game arm of George Lucas' empire, is home to some of the most valuable intellectual properties in entertainment with its "Star Wars" and Indiana Jones franchises.

The company aims to reinvigorate its video game business with next year's launch of "Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith." LucasArts president Jim Ward recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the company's future in interactive entertainment.

Hit the link to read lots more about the ROTS game.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Friday November 12, 2004
EPIII: New Before the Helmet Image

The latest Before the Helmet image entitled 'Degrees of Arc', features a cool shot of a starfighter from ROTS. Here are the specs:

Spoilers - Highlight to read:

The mighty Incom/Subpro Aggressive ReConnaissance starfighter (ARC-170) has an impressive wingspan of 22.85 meters, is armed with two medium laser cannons, two aft blaster cannons, six proton torpedoes and carries a crew of three plus an astromech droid.

Hit the link above to view the image if you're a Hyperspace member.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday November 11, 2004
EPIII: Jim Ward Talks ROTS Game

Yahoo News/Hollywood Reporter features an interview with Jim Ward about Star Wars gaming. Here's an excerpt relating to ROTS:

The Hollywood Reporter: Where are you in developing the "Episode III" game?

Ward: It's going to provide the ultimate Jedi action fantasy fulfillment that we've hinted at in previous games. We brought in Nick Gillard, the stunt coordinator for the film, to work with the game animators and the entire team to ensure that the Jedi action moments are as real and true to the performances in the film.

Hayden Christensen came in and worked with the game development team to show them the style of his light-saber fighting. We've had the team fully integrated into the production of the film from beginning to end.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the trailer for the 'Revenge of the sith' game at LucasArts, as it contains more spoilers than the teaser trailer!

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday November 11, 2004
February 2005 Comics

The Official Star Wars Site has provided information about upcoming comics. Each month brings us closer to the release of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, and Dark Horse Comics heats up the action with tales leading into the climactic film, or with stories dealing with the repercussions of Anakin's descent into darkness. Here's a look at what Dark Horse has in store for February 2005.

Luke Skywalker is facing the fallout of Anakin Skywalker's actions during the Clone Wars. The Jabiim Rebels have taken Luke and Leia captive, and their only hope of rescue -- X-wing hotshots Wedge and Hobbie -- are up to their necks in trouble as well. Add to that the impending arrival of an Imperial fleet with orders to kill or capture everyone on Jabiim, and you have one harrowing situation. If only Luke can unravel just what it was his father did all those years ago before it's too late...

Star Wars: Empire #30 is by Thomas Andrews and Adriana Melo, featuring cover art by Tomås Giorello. It is due out on February 2, 2005.

The countdown to Episode III continues in Star Wars: Obsession, the five-part mini-series that leads up to Revenge of the Sith. Unable to shake the idea that Asajj Ventress is still alive, a possessed Obi-Wan leads Anakin and Bail Organa to the graveyard world of Boz Pity. They're hopelessly outnumbered by enemy forces, but reinforcements are on the way courtesy Jedi Master Mace Windu. Also in this issue: Count Dooku, General Grievous and the ARC trooper, Alpha.

Star Wars: Obsession #4 is by Haden Blackman and Brian Ching, with cover art by Ching and Brad Anderson. It is scheduled for release on February 16.

Elsewhere in the Clone Wars, the Outer Rim Sieges have begun. Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis leads the Republic forces against the Separatist threat on Saleucami. Aayla Secura and her army must punch through the Separatist fleet to bring badly needed reinforcements and supplies. On Saleucami, the Dark Jedi Sora Bulq presses on with his allies ... including a possible Jedi turncoat!

Star Wars: Republic #74 is by John Ostrander, Jan Duursema and Dan Parsons, with cover art by David Michael Beck. It is scheduled for release on February 23.

Posted by: Jedi Power

Wednesday November 10, 2004
New Star Wars RTS Coming?

Could it be? Another bit of videogame goodness graced by the Star Wars universe? It looks that way, as LucasArts President Jim Ward told Reuters that a new Star Wars RTS title for the PC is on the way.

"I think there's a bright future there for games based on these new properties as well as original Star Wars games like a new real-time strategy PC game that Petroglyph is developing for next year," Ward explains in the article.

Ward describes the new project as taking the RTS genre in a new direction, while balancing gameplay "between the hard-core gamers who buy these games and the broader audience that's familiar with the Star Wars brand."

Petroglyph Games is a small, independent developer based in Las Vegas. Members of its team have worked on projects such as Earth & Beyond, the Command & Conquer, and even classics like California Games.

The company's website mentions an unnamed "amazing product," to be revealed shortly. We suspect that project may have just been revealed.

Of course, we'll be back with more as soon as we have details. Stay tuned. Thanks to IGN for this bit of news.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Tuesday November 09, 2004
Review of OT DVDs

Stuff wrote up a little review, praising the Original Trilogy DVD box-set:

But the best thing about the package - and what starving Star Wars fans have been bleating on about for years - is the bonus disc with more than four hours of extras.

It's both comprehensive and intriguing. There's an hour-long documentary that examines Lucas' battle to get Star Wars made and the dramas experienced during filming, while providing plenty of inside information.

Did you know Luke Skywalker was supposed to be called Luke Starkiller? Or that Kurt Russell tried out for the role of Han Solo, who was destined to have green skin?

There are plenty of bonus featurettes, interviews with all the actors, character auditions, an insight into the actors who played C3PO and R2D2, and a preview of the upcoming third prequel Revenge of the Sith, with a fascinating look at how Darth Vader's mask and suit are made.

Hit the link above to read the full article. Thanks to JangoSplango for the alert.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Monday November 08, 2004
Battlefront: GIN Review

Another review for Battlefront is online, and this time GIN reviewed it, and here's a clip of what they say:

Anyone who has played online shooters such as Battlefield 1942 or the Onslaught mode of Unreal Tournament 2004 will catch onto the game quickly. Teams are given a set number of reinforcement points. On each of the maps are several control points and whoever obtains a majority of control points will cause the other team to lose reinforcements, and when a team is at 0 points, they lose.

Teams have several types of infantry units. For instance, the CIS units include standard battledroids, super battledroids, and the seemingly invincible Droidekas. The Republic’s Clone Troopers come in standard, ARC trooper, Pilot, Sharpshooter, and Jet Trooper. Rebels come in the form of soldiers, heavy weapon vanguards, pilots, wookie smugglers, and marksmen. Lastly the Empire consists of stormtroopers, shock troopers, pilots, biker scouts, and the Dark Trooper, previously seen in Dark Forces.

Hit the link above to read the full review.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Sunday November 07, 2004
EPIII: Revenge of the Sith Game Media

LucasArts recent unveiling of the Revenge of the Sith game was limited to a scant hand of delectable screens at the new official website.

The site also hinted at a trailer in the coming days but never did we expect it so soon. Those firmly planted in the poiler-sensitive camp will want to avoid this one as it shows what appears to be a snippet from the film in cut-scene form, as well as Jedi using new abilities.

Experience the new trailer here:

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Sunday November 07, 2004

Mac_Jedi from Macologist posted an in-depth review of the upcoming sequel to Knights of the Old Republic. Here's a brief clip:

A total of 126 Industry awards, 48 of which are for 'Game of the Year' makes Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) a game to take notice of. Featuring a unique decision-making system combined with excellent story telling and a truly beautiful score, KotOR is a 3D role-playing game with behindview and a rotating camera that allows a player, especially a fan of the Star Wars universe, to fully immerse themselves into their character and play like the galaxy's fate is in their hands.

Be sure to hit the link above and read the full article, which covers lots of info about the sequel to KOTOR.

Posted by: Rebel Racer