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Archived News
November 2004
Week 1

Friday November 05, 2004
Star Wars on Jeopardy!

Think you know everything about a galaxy far, far away? Fans can test their Jedi knowledge on Nov. 8, when the popular game show "Jeopardy!" unveils a special Star Wars category on the board for contestants to celebrate the release of the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set.

Lucasfilm approached the "Jeopardy!" producers and suggested the show use some of the actors and characters to do "celebrity clues." In past segments, the show has featured similar celebrity clues with former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and many others.

The decision on whether "Jeopardy!" should showcase a Star Wars category on the board to test the contestants was an easy one.

"We were, of course, thrilled at the opportunity to have lovable robots 'beeping' our clues," "Jeopardy!" Head Writer Gary Johnson says. "Star Wars was an almost one-of-a-kind phenomenon. The average person probably knows more facts about the films than they do about their own family histories."

Featuring a single movie as a category isn't a new concept for "Jeopardy!" On rare occasions, the game show featured categories on individual films such as Gone With the Wind,The Wizard of Oz and Casablanca.

"But we don't do them often, because they have to be films of such immense popularity and stature that we can be fairly certain that our contestants will be familiar with them," Johnson explains.

Fans tuning in to play along may find the questions challenging. The questions, all written by the "Jeopardy!" staff, will encompass both behind-the-scenes trivia and film content.

"Without giving too much away, I think our viewers -- especially the avid Star Wars fans -- will love seeing some of their favorite characters giving interesting 'inside' information about the films (including the characters who don't speak Basic)."

For those fans who consider themselves anything but experts, the show will prove to be just as interesting.

"Even our regular viewers who might not consider themselves rabid fans of the films will enjoy this category," Johnson admits. "Star Wars has become part of American folklore, and the characters have become icons."

Be sure to tune in to "Jeopardy!" on Nov. 8. Check your local TV listings for times. For more information about "Jeopardy!" visit the official site here.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday November 04, 2004
Episode III Trailer Breakdown

It is that time and the Episode III trailer has arrived!!! Read on to get a synopsis of what is shown.

Spoilers - Highlight to read:

20th Century Fox

Lucasfilm is LTD

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

It begins with the voice of Alec Guinness (Old Ben Kenobi).

Luke is walking toward the twin suns on Tatooine.

OBI-WAN: Over a thousand generations of Jedi Knights (Picture of Obi-Wan speaking from ANH.) were the guardians of peace and justice (picture of Qui-Gon from TPM) of the Old Republic, before the dark times. (picture from AotC of clone troopers walking into a Republic Crusier.) Before the Empire. (Picture of clone troopers standing next to each other from AotC)

(Picture of Anakin and Palpatine)
A young Jedi named Darth Vader who was a pupil of mine (Picture of Anakin from AotC when Shmi dies) before he turned to evil, helped the Empire (Picture of Anakin on his swoop from AotC) hunt down and destroy the Jedi Knights. (Picture of Obi-wan talking form ANH) Vader was seduced by the dark side of the force.

Anakin turns around with eyes similar to Darth Maul.

*Vader Breathing*

A scene of Mustafar with volcanoes exploding and crab-spiderish droids walking.

SIDIOUS: Lord Vader.

VADER: Yes Master?

SIDIOUS: Riiiiiise!
(Sounds absolutely evil. Best part of the trailer.

Scene of Vader on a mechanical table rising.

Scene of Obi-Wan looking up.

Scene of Palpatine looking at the camera (senator like, not evil)

Another scene of Vader continuing to rise.

Scene of Artoo beeping and C-3PO on a blockade runner.

Scene of Padmé looking sadly at Obi-Wan.

Scene of Mace Windu raising his lightsaber (Preparing to strike Sidious in his office)

Another Vader rising scene.

Scene of Chewbacca and another warrior, one of them growls.

Scene of Yoda pulling back his cloak.

Another scene of Vader rising. But this the the table is fully upright.

Scene of a space battle above Coruscant and a clone trooper ship flying past the camera.

Scene of Anakin and Padmé kissing.

Scene of Yoda igniting his lightsaber.

Scene of Anakin's Jedi Starfighter flying in a trench making a TIE fighter sound.

Scene of Mace swinging around with his lightsaber.

Scene of several hundred Wookiees running towards the camera, several vehicles (new Juggernaughts) are in the distance.

Scene of Obi-Wan and a Tion Meddon (SP?).

Scene of the crashing ship on Coruscant while Republic fire ships are battling the flames.

Scene of Anakin raising his lightsaber to strike (I think this is from the Anakin vs. Obi-wan duel).

Scene of Artoo.

Scene of Anakin and Padmé hugging.

Scene of a ship leaving Mustafar.

Scene of Anakin and Obi-Wan's lightsabers clashing on Mustafar.

Scene of a Republic Command ship exchanging fire with a Separatist ship at point blank range. (Remember Return of the Jedi?)

Scene of Anakin hitting Obi-Wan's lightsaber out of his hand, Obi-Wan makes a funny expression.

Scene of a ARC Clonefighter, aka the precursor to X-Wing, with three wings on each side. flying past the camera.

Scene of Anakin and Obi-Wan struggling with one lightsaber. Anakin is trying to kill Obi-wan with his own saber.

Scene of a hanger door closing.

Scene of a evil, horrible looking Sidious swinging his lightsaber. (Yoda and Sidious go at it)

Scene of a Separatist ship exploding.

------EPISODE III------
Revenge of the Sith

*Imperial march plays*

MAY 19 2005

All I can say is wow!!! Absolutely brilliant!! You will not be disappointed with Episode III.

Posted by: Jedi Power

Thursday November 04, 2004
Republic Commando: Designer's Diary

Gamespot has a new designer's diary for Star Wars Republic Commando, which was written by Director Tim Longo:

Currently scheduled for release in February next year, Star Wars Republic Commando is a first-person shooter that will see you assuming the role of an elite clone trooper in command of a crack squad tasked with carrying out special missions for the Galactic Republic. Locales in the game will include the Episode II planet Geonosis, a large Republic ship, and the wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk, and as you progress through the game you can expect to encounter a number of characters that will feature prominently in the upcoming Episode III movie. The focus of Republic Commando, though--as explained by the game's director Tim Longo in today's designer diary--is on the military forces that so often only have supporting roles in the Star Wars movies and games.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday November 04, 2004
EPIII: Trailer Now Available

Lucasfilm has revealed the teaser trailer for George Lucas' highly-anticipated Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith to subscribers of Hyperspace and AOL.

The clip will also air on Access Hollywood today and play in theaters before The Incredibles tomorrow before coming online to everyone on Monday.

Hyperspace members can click here and AOL members here to watch the trailer.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Thursday November 04, 2004
Jump to Lightspeed: GameSpot Review

GameSpot has posted a review of SW Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed:

If you're familiar with Star Wars Galaxies, you'll know that the preexpansion game boasted some 30 different character professions, many of which (although not horribly out of place in the Star Wars universe) have very little in common with the movies on which the game is based. There have always been plenty of combat-based professions in the game, but if you've played during the past 15 months, the chances are that--at some point--you might have contemplated a career as an architect, dancer, musician, tailor, doctor, or chef. If you have scout skills, you might have even spent some time milking wild animals before killing them for their hides, bones, or meat. Jump to Lightspeed adds four new professions to Star Wars Galaxies: shipwright, freelance pilot, Alliance starfighter pilot, and Imperial Navy pilot. The shipwright profession works in much the same way as the existing artisan professions, and, as such, it requires you to spend a number of your character's 250 skill points if you wish to pursue it. The pilot professions, on the other hand, are free of charge (as far as points are concerned), although for obvious reasons you'll only be able to pursue one of them at a time.

You'll have to decide which of the three pilot professions you're interested in the first time you play Jump to Lightspeed, and, although it is possible to change your mind at a later date, doing so will cost you all of your hard-earned pilot experience points. Furthermore, since each of the 21 starships in the game can be used by only one faction, any ships that you own will no longer be of any use to you--with the exception of the Sorosuub luxury yacht that you'll be given as a veteran reward if you've been playing Star Wars Galaxies for at least 180 days when you log in with Jump to Lightspeed enabled.

Hit the link above to read the full review, and click here to see GameSpot's 195+ Jump to Lightspeed screenshots.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Tuesday November 02, 2004
OT DVD: ROTJ Examination

DVDAnswers posted a very cool and in depth article which examines the changes that have been made to Return of the Jedi since it's original release:

Welcome to the third and final piece in my series of articles focusing on the alterations to the Star Wars trilogy. Although many believe Return of the Jedi to be the weakest of the original trilogy, mostly owing to the cuddly Ewoks, I’ve always enjoyed the film’s blend of action, drama and laughs. Return of the Jedi is similar to A New Hope in that it has received a number of more obvious alterations (unlike Empire, which had a larger number of minor alterations). Once again I will first be examining any major alterations to existing scenes, followed by a look at new footage and any obvious audio changes. So, let’s crack on with it.

He then goes on to show many different comparision shots along with descriptions. Very good article, click here or on the link above to read the full article. Also, you'll probably want to check out his examination of A New Hope by clicking here, and Empire Strikes Back here.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Tuesday November 02, 2004
Jump to Lightspeed: IGN Review

IGN has posted their reasonably optimistic first impression of the new Galaxies expansion pack:

Once you've got your starter ship, you're free to take missions from your recruiter. They can also offer training in the first skill rank for each pilot class. Though there will be some specific missions early on (patrol this, kill that), your trainers will also allow you to go out on lengthy space hunts to build up enough experience and money to move on to the next tier of content.

This is great if you want to focus on the space content because you won't have to run back and forth from your starport to your trainer every time you finish a mission. These space hunts go on as long as you want them to, so you can really dig in and play the action game as much as you like.

The rewards for going into space are compelling. For one thing, you'll eventually get a ship capable of hyperspacing you across the Galaxy. Think of the money you save on travel expenses! You won't necessarily have that capability on your starter ship, but once you upgrade, it's like getting a car on your sixteenth birthday.

Hit the link above to read this review, especially if you're considering buying Jump to Lightspeed.

Posted by: Rebel Racer

Monday November 01, 2004
Battlefront: PlayStation Magazine

PlayStation Magazine has posted an article about Star Wars - Battlefront:

There’s a lot of dissent about the state of Star Wars these days. “The new movies suck,” many cry. “George Lucas is ruining my childhood memories,” others complain. To the whiners, I say this: Just play Battlefront already.

In the 22-year history of Star Wars games, none has ever so closely depicted the all-out sense of epic battle presented in Battlefront. Inspired by—heck, in some ways downright copying—the gameplay established by EA’s megapopular Battlefield 1942 PC title, this online-compatible game replaces Allies with Rebels, panzers with AT-ATs, and world war with galactic strife.

Click the link above to read the full article. Unfortunatley, it costs one dollar to read the full story right now, but it will be available for free in 29 days.

Posted by: Rebel Racer