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Galactic News

Tuesday January 14, 2003
The Padawan Post #51

The latest Padawan Post has arrived and here are some features for you to enjoy:

Honoring Young Fans of the Star Wars Saga
In this first issue of the Padawan Post for 2003, honors our online Padawans -- the voice of young fans of the Star Wars saga. Over the last few years, but especially in 2002, thousands of you have expressed your love of Star Wars, your opinions about Star Wars, your everything about Star Wars on our three unique "message boards" -- the Padawan Viewscreen, the Saga Talk Viewscreen, and the Books & Toys Viewscreen. By doing so, you've met kids like yourself and shown that the young fans of today are just as passionate about Star Wars as the young fans of the 1970's and '80's. The only difference between now and then is that you are part of the Star Wars generation that gets to talk about it online with other young fans from around the world!

To start off the new year, click the link below to see the on-going list of Padawans who have earned the Padawan of the Week award. Then, visit the links below to read and respond to some Star Wars classic and prequel issues submitted by your fellow Padawans. Click here to view the winning comments now.

Did Mace Windu Really Need To...
The Padawan Viewscreen is a casual hang-out for Padawans to meet and share their Star Wars opinions. Below are two Topic of the Week issues for you to respond to. Padawan Hoth_Mayor submitted: Did Mace Windu really need to lead all those Jedi into the Geonosis Arena? Padawan Boba's Buddy wants to know: In Episode I, 14-year-old Queen Amidala proved that young people could successfully handle major responsibilities. I know I couldn't be a young ruler like Amidala - I can barely remember to feed my dog! But I'm curious if any of you think you could be a teenage ruler. Why or why not? Click here to respond.

Do You Think That The Republic And The Jedi...
The Saga Talk Viewscreen is the hub of debate about the films of the Star Wars saga. The opinions expressed here are often strong and backed with detail. Padawan Jaina Solo submitted this question for the Saga Talk Viewscreen Topic of the Week: Considering that Anakin was the instrument of destruction for both the Republic and the Empire, do you think that the Republic and the Jedi would have been able to stop the Emperor if there hadn't been a Luke or Anakin Skywalker? Please explain. And Padawan E-Vader posted: Did Han ever lose his cool? If so, when? Click here to respond to one or both.

What Was The First Star Wars Toy...
Padawans have written so much about their favorite Star Wars books and toys on the Books & Toys Viewscreen, but we've never asked you to tell us about the first Star Wars toy you ever got. Now's your chance. What was it? How did it make you feel? How many toys do you have now? Click here to respond.

Posted: by Jedi Power