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Title: A Time to Remember
Author: Benjamin Pearson E-mail:
Category: Action
Timeline: Post ROTJ
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A meat and potatoes lightsabre duel.
Status: Complete story.
Disclaimer: This is a piece of fan fiction. I am just a fan of Star Wars, who simply likes to write. I make no money from my writing.

Title: At Any Price
Author: Spaz E-mail:
Category: Action, Drama, Romance
Timeline: Episode 3
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Summary: What kind of toll can take its course on you if one of your best friends killed another of your best friend?  One that he loved.  What kind of burden would be placed on your shoulders if you had to search out your best friend and kill him if he took the dark path.  What kind of damage would be inflicted on your heart if your shadowed friend was someone you loved?  Is there any hope that Anakin Skywalker can be turned away from the dark side, from Palpatine before the darkness thoroughly consumes him?  His fate will all rest in the hands of his best friend, Amaya.
Status:  More chapters to come.
Disclaimer:  I do not own any of the characters from star wars,  but I do however own Amaya :p lol

Title: Embracing Vengeance
Author: Colin Conway E-mail:
Category: Action
Timeline: Shortly before Star Wars: A New Hope
Rating: NC-17
Summary: An assassin is hired to kill a Jedi.
Status: This is a complete short story.  I would appreciate any constructive feedback since this is my first attempt at fan fiction.  Thanks.
Disclaimer: The universe in which this story takes place was created by George Lucas. I don't own any of the characters from Star Wars and am not seeking any money from this work.

Title: Escape of the Sith
Author: Gordon Napier E-mail:
Category: Action
Timeline: Post ROTJ
Rating: PG
Summary: Adventure set in the aftermath of Endor.
Status: More to come...
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, we all know who does.. :) ‘Star Wars’ is © Lucasfilm Ltd. The characters, worlds and terminology derived from the films belong to George Lucas. However, he seems like a nice bloke and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me using them here in this little ‘fan fic’.

Title: Jedi Academy-The Search
Author: Parky E-mail:
Category: Action
Timeline: Expanded Universe, seven Years after the LucasArts PC game Jedi Academy
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyle Katarn and his new apprentice Sive Naban set out to find the corrupted Jedi, Jaden Korr. Aided by Luke Skywalker, the galaxy hangs in the balance.
Status: There will be quite a few more parts to this saga!!
Disclaimer: I am not making any money from this story, and none of these characters belong to me, or are my idea. Enjoy the fiction!

Author: Travis A. Jones E-mail:
Category: Action
Timeline: Post ROTS, slightly before ANH.
Rating: R
Summary: A squad of Imperial troops are on a simple mission: recon an abandoned rebel post.   What lurks in the darkness of the forgotten post is worse than any of them could have imagined.
Status: Complete story.
Disclaimer: Reads as a three act script and I am not attempting to make money off of it, just enjoyed writing in this style.

Author: Jeremy Shelton E-mail:
Category: Action
Timeline: Immediately After Episode 4: A New Hope
Rating: PG
Summary: The adventures of Bobba Fett are well known throughout the galaxy but some of his exploits are left in the shadows. Following the emergence of the son of Skywalker the Emperor knows the Jedi have one last hope. With Obi Wan Kenobi falling to Vader’s blade this leaves only one Jedi master to help Skywalker. The Emperor sends the best bounty hunter in the known galaxy to find and kill the only on who can oppose his will, the Jedi master Yoda. Darth Vader feels betrayed by the Emperor’s decision and sends his own agent to follow Fett and claim the Jedi’s death as his own personal victory.
Status: More Chapters to come.
Disclaimer: This story is not an attempt to plagiarize George Lucas or LucasArts Inc. All characters, events and technologies are the soul intellectual properties of LucasArts Inc. I am not receiving any monetary compensation for this story.

Read: Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Title: Star Wars: Armageddon
Author: Darth Trocious E-mail:
Category: Action
Timeline: 2,500 years after Return of the Jedi
Rating: Either PG or PG-13
Summary: After the destruction of Coruscant, refugees witness the most horrifying event in all of the Galaxy’s history. Can a new power rise to fight this genocidal power that uses the Jedi as puppets?
Status: This story is actually a movie trilogy. The short story is open for any constructive ideas you may have. There are no central characters as of now, but any I would enjoy any feedback on ideas.
Disclaimer: The Force and all of Star Wars are ideas of George Lucas.  I am not looking for money for what I write and do not own any of his characters or ideas.  I also have no intention of giving his work a bad name through what I write.

Title: Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith.
Author: Robert Russell E-mail:
Category: Action, Drama
Timeline: Prequel Trilogy Era
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This is the Dramatic climax to Anakin Skywalker's journey to the Dark Side.
Status: Complete Script with Prequel Characters.
Disclaimer: In no way do any of the characters or events relate to the real star wars or do I own any rights to Star Wars material. This is for entertainment and celebrating the Star Wars experience! May The Force be with you!

Title: Star Wars Episode III, Scourge of the Dark Side
Author: Darth Trocious E-mail:
Category: Action, Drama
Timeline: Prequel Era; Three years after Attack of the Clones
Rating: PG
Summary: After victoriously conquering the Separatists, Anakin escapes his disciplinary chamber and leaves for Magnor. Obi-Wan makes one last attempt to bring Anakin back to the Light side of the force, before it is too late.
Status: Complete.
Disclaimer: I cannot and will not make any money from this story, even though a few parts are my idea anyway. I do not own any of these characters and will deny any money given to me.

Title: Star Wars Episode VII: The Shadow Revealed
Author: Rob Hare E-mail:
Category: Action
Timeline: Post-everything (Post RotJ).
Rating: PG
Summary: None Provided
Status: Two chapters written, don't know how many to go, probably another one or two.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Star Wars or any related propeganda, and am not seeking money in this Fan-Fiction.
Read: Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Title: Star Wars-Lost Jedi
Author: Lowell Steele IV E-mail:
Category: Action/Drama
Timeline: Between Episode III and A New Hope
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A tale about a group of the last Jedi and their dying secrets. But whose has the worst secret?
Status: Complete Story, although there may be a follow up.
Disclaimer: I am not George Lucas (nor to I want to be) and therefore all trademarks and characters owned by him do not belong to me. This story is for fun, so read it, and I am not getting any money from this. Enjoy.