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Cut Scenes - Episode II

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Padmé Addresses the Senate

Coruscant.jpg (9916 bytes)

The vast rotunda is buzzing with chatter. 

MAS AMEDDA, the Supreme Chancellor's majordomo, tries to quiet things down as PALPATINE confers with an AIDE, UV GIZEN, riding a small one man floating scooter. 

MAS AMEDDA Order! We shall have order! The motion for the Republic to commission an army takes precedent, and that is what we will vote on at this time. 

Everything quiets down. The AIDE disperses, and SUPREME CHANCELLOR PALPATINE steps to the podium. 

PALPATINE ...My esteemed colleagues, excuse me... I have just received some tragic and disturbing news. Senator Amidala of the Naboo system... Has been assassinated! 

There is a shock silence in the vast arena. 

PALPATINE (continued) This grievous blow is especially personal to me. Before I became Chancellor, I served Amidala when she was Queen. She was a great leader who fought for justice, not only in this honorable assembly, but also on her home planet. She was so loved she could have been elected queen for life. She believed in public service, and she fervently believed in democracy. Her death is a great loss to us all. We will all mourn her as a relentless champion of freedom... and as a dear friend. 

There is a moment of silence. ASK AAK, the SENATOR of MALASTARE, moves his pod into the center of the arena. 

SENATOR ASK AAK... How many more Senators will die before this civil strife ends! We must confront these rebels now, and they need an army to do it. 

A second pod moves into the centre of the area with DARSANA, the AMBASSADOR OF GLEE ANSELM. 

AMBASSADOR DARSANA... Why weren't the Jedi able to stop this assassination? We are no longer safe, under their protection. 

Senator ORN FREE TAA swings forward in his pod. 

ORN FREE TAA... The Republic needs more security now! Before it comes to war.

Palpatine Addresses Senate.jpg (16034 bytes)PALPATINE... Must I remind the Senator from Malastare that negotiations are continuing with the separatists. Peace is our objective here... not war. 

ASK AAK.jpg (14754 bytes)The SENATORS yell pro and con. MAS AMEDDA tries to calm things down. SENATOR PADME AMIDALA, with CAPTAIN TYPHO, JAR JAR, and DORME, maneuver her pod into the center of the vast arena. 

AMIDALA...My noble colleagues, I concur with the Supreme Chancellor. At all costs, we do not want war! 

The Senate goes quiet, then there is an outburst of cheering and applause.

PALPATINE.. It is with great surprise and joy the chair recognizes the Senator from Naboo, Padmé Amidala. 

Padme.jpg (10624 bytes)PADMÉ... Less than an hour ago, an assassination attempt was made against my life. One of my bodyguards and six others were ruthlessly and senselessly murdered. I was the target but, more importantly, I believe this security measure before you, was the target. I have led the opposition to build an army... but there is someone in this body who will stop at nothing to assure it's passage... 

Many of the SENATORS boo and yell at SENATOR AMIDALA. 

PADMÉ (continuing) I warn you, if you vote to create this army, war will follow. I have experienced the misery of war first-hand; I do not wish to do it again. 

There is sporadic yelling for and against her statements. 

Padme2.jpg (9696 bytes)PADMÉ... Wake up, Senators... you must wake up! If you offer the separatists violence, they can only show us violence in return! Many will lose their lives. All will lose their freedom. This decision could very well destroy the very foundation of our great Republic. I pray you do not let fear push you into a disastrous decision. Vote down this security measure, which is nothing less than a declaration of war! Does anyone here want that? I cannot believe they do. 

Jar Jar.jpg (12152 bytes)There is an undercurrent of booing... and groaning. SENATOR ORN FREE TAA moves his pod next to AMIDALA. 

Palpatine Addresses Senate2.jpg (13310 bytes)ORN FREE TAA... My motion to defer the vote must be dealt with first. That is the rule of law.

Padme3.jpg (10856 bytes)
AMIDALA looks angry and frustrated. PALPATINE gives her a sympathetic look. 

Palpatine.jpg (9255 bytes)PALPATINE Due to the lateness of the hour and the seriousness of this motion, we will take up these matters tomorrow. Until then, the Senate stands adjourned.Padme Senate Gown.jpg (56922 bytes)

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