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Archived News

November 2000

11.30.00 Episode II Select introduces a new species!

11.30.00 Galactic Voyage Wins Award and gets a New Affiliate!

11.30.00 Possible last scenes from Episode II


11.29.00 Fett: Enough Said!

11.29.00 Galactic Voyage has 2 New Affiliates!

1.29.00 What are some of the elements of a fight script? For example, what terminology do you use? And have you ever thought about posting a portion of a script for fans to check out?

11.28.00 Amidala Update!

11.27.00 Star Wars Special on QVC!

11.27.00 A Present for Fett!

11.26.00 Rune Haako Added to the Characters Section!

11.25.00 Nute Gunray Added to the Characters Section!

11.24.00 Ahmed Best on ET!

11.24.00 News about Amidala!

11.23.00 Episode II Select goes to Hyperspace!

11.23.00 Happy Thanksgiving from Galactic Voyage!

11.22.00 Droid Chat!

11.22.00 Was the entire Gungan/Trade Federation battle sequence computer generated, or were some parts, like the grass, actually real?

11.22.00 Star Wars: Obi-Wan Cancelled!

11.21.00 Samuel Jackson on Good Morning America!

11.20.00 Were any of the props from the original trilogy used in The Phantom Menace? R2-D2 maybe?

11.19.00 Watto Added to the Characters Section!

11.18.00 Mace Windu Added to the Characters Section!

11.17.00 Galactic Voyage returns to base!

11.17.00 Episode II Select has Arrived!

11.16.00 Kenobi and Fett!

11.15.00 New Poll Added!

11.15.00 When you are designing vehicles, weapons, etc. do you ever picture them in motion, like they will be seen when completed?

11.14.00 Galactic Voyage has been on the net for 1 year today!

11.14.00 What About Jar Jar?

11.13.00 New Classic Trilogy Hints!

11.13.00 A Plethora of Jedi?

11.12.00 Galactic Voyage goes remote!

11.12.00 Imperial Royal Guard Added to the Characters Section!

11.11.00 Will we see Qui-Gon in Episode III?

11.11.00 What are the devices called that were employed to vault Ray Park through the air?

11.10.00 More on Palpatine's Aide!

11.9.00 Episode II Select is Here!

11.9.00 There is more on Shmi?

11.8.00 More News on Shmi Skywalker!

11.8.00 Did George Lucas ever have any idea for Episodes VII to IX, or did the Star Wars novels stomp all over possible thoughts he may have had for the Star Wars universe past the destruction of the Empire?

11.7.00 Will Dagobah be in Episode II?

11.6.00 Star Wars Fan Film Network Announced!

11.6.00 Max Rebo to make a return!

11.5.00 Scout Trooper Added to the Characters Section!

11.4.00 What about Aunt Beru?

11.3.00 Snowtrooper Added to the Characters Section!

11.2.00 New Episode II Select!

11.2.00 New Weapons in Episode II?

11.2.00 New Natalie Portman Section at Watto's!

11.1.00 Anthony Daniels hits the World Wide Web!

11.1.00 Obi-Wan and Anakin

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