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Will Qui-Gon Return?

Today TF.N has posted some speculation concerning the possible return of Qui-Gon Jinn as an apparition in Episode II. Spoilers - Highlight to read: There have been rumblings about an appearance of Liam Neeson in the prequel-sequel. As you certainly know, his character of Qui-Gon Jinn was killed by Darth Maul just before Obi-Wan could come in and save the day against the evil apprentice.

So do we get to see Qui-Gon as a spirit (ala Obi-Wan in the classic trilogy) in Episode II?

Two sources have mentioned that they think he may be at Ealing Studios this week, perhaps shooting blue screen for an apperitional appearance in the movie. While we've yet to confirm this as solid information, we can say that according to SI Qui-Gon is at least mentioned in the script. Details beyond that are sketchy.

What a great idea! I sure hope we will get to see Qui-Gon's spirit in Episode II. Maybe he will be giving advice to Obi-Wan like Ben did to Luke! In time we will know more.

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